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Tron Night proves that "Tron: Legacy" will kick ass

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A post from Kotaku a few days ago tells the tale of what Tron Night's footage showed and tells us all that cool sequels are actually possible. Not to say that's what we want, but a well made film is a well made film is a well made film and we can't argue with that.

The post mentions things like, "...the stunning Olivia Wilde as Quorra my god—only makes me want to watch Tron Legacy in full."

"I'm fairly confident in saying that lifelong fetishes will be borne of this scene [the scene where he gets dressed in his digital gear]."

"I'm hopeful that the mysterious of Flynn's existence in the video game world, his relationship to Clu and Tron and Quorra live up to their promise."

We'll be at the movies opening night for this one. Finally something worth watching!

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