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Turn over a new leaf [User Review]

Turn over a new leaf 

Qing historians key rings WangDaoCheng exclamation: yuanmingyuan hijacked, was burned, trying to use the gunboat from imperialism in China, is open doors imperialist powers of the horrible atrocities committed in China, which is huge, never forget. Yuanmingyuan onboard deep thinking and brings us, is a rich history textbooks.River, in deaths, reporter again before 150th anniversary into yuanmingyuan. Under the blue sky, and FuXu day, let a person cannot lenovo BingXian that 150 years ago, Beijing, color. Distance circle with its peculiar desolate and colorful, CeRan ruins stand."The buy Windows 2008 circle was just one of hundreds of landscape yuanmingyuan, now became the most distinct, the ruins of yuanmingyuan, she is the symbol of the holocaust of yuanmingyuan eternal silence, she seemed a heavy children, family were killed, but the robbers in her injured survived, with her body, to the people of the damaged his narrative that soul-stirring disaster." The famous scholar YeTingFang described, let each site near the Chinese people deeply Windows 2008 cheap yuanmingyuan.Now the circle in a scene: the site, put the palaces before by the method of friendship association donated French giant Victor Hugo's bronze statue. The future of Chinese writers from around the world, the earliest issued the denunciation and condemned by the anglo-french allied forces to destroy human civilization the enormity of justice.
"One day, two bamboo pillowcase thieves entered yuanmingyuan, a fire, a call a two robbers... this is a French and English... I hope one day, France, and turn over a new leaf and shadowfax can be returned to be divided the wealth of China." This is the captain of Hugo bartlett, the content of the letter with a shout, the famous Chinese and French denounced by engraved in Hugo statue, through space-time, 150 years of bamboo sheets silence yuanmingyuan echoed in ruins. Many Chinese tourists to Hugo statue bouchardeau, before written expression.In the coming day on management, but collect carefully of yuanmingyuan repair, cultural relics. 150 pieces left rebirth and displaced yuanmingyuan relics attracted many Chinese tourists, let a person feel the deep intense yuanmingyuan. Children, At the same time the "don't forget yuanmingyuan, lizhi boom -- which patriotic theme space, make the audience excited emotion, more let bamboo sock yarn a person to extrapolate, feeling saying:
Was so close, so humiliated state, now behind with an open stance in the whole world, modernization power, international status; the unprecedented A former so weak, increasingly prosperous and powerful nation, and realize the prosperity of Hong Kong and Macao, the success of Beijing Olympic Games back of the children walking in space, space travel, chang 2 the moon...The fate cotton socks of yuanmingyuan, a century and a half the destiny of the Chinese nation, reflect a nation's character and spirit. Faced with the humiliation of emerging died without children sorrow, sorrow not sorrow opportunity, gave rise to a dark dream, and vast powers will self-reliance into their blood, with great spirit and dauntless tenacity, began a hundred years persistent pursuit of national rejuvenation of cotton t shirts Chinese nation, and truly stand tall in the east.
"As a royal garden yuanmingyuan were destroyed, but as a cultural relic of yuanmingyuan nirvana, this is a new life of our national culture and spirit.""The fate of yuanmingyuan brings us a lot of thinking. We commemorate yuanmingyuan onboard 150th anniversary, more firmness we persist in reform and opening up, the construction of well-off society."Commemorative yuanmingyuan onboard 150th anniversary, not to cotton tee shirts remember the hatred, but to remember history, calling for peace!" zyl

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