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Where's The Tea Party when you need them? Movie ticket prices are going up, my friends!!!


Where's The Tea Party when you need them? Going to the movies is going up, my friends!

The movie industry has raised their admission prices, an unprecedented spike considering that 2009 was one of the industry’s most lucrative years. According to The Wall Street Journal’s Lauren A.E. Schuker and Ethan Smith, the increase has gone up in some establishments up to 26%; however, the spike seems geared exclusively for 3-D Imax features.

Some scary increments include a $19.50 ticket price for a 3-D Imax showing in New York’s Loews Kips Bay Theater and a $17.00 price in a Seattle cinema for its counterpart from an original $15.00. I guess my partner JAS will be stuck in 2-D over in the Emerald City.

Wow, I thought going to the movies was still relatively inexpensive compared to other recreational activities, but to pay nearly $20.00, 3-D or not, is cause for concern. Bitter Balcony was already hesitant over what movies to watch and which ones to avoid, for that amount of cash the movie better result in an orgasmic experience. Here’s the link to the article http://finance.yahoo.com/banking-budgetingk/article/109177/higher-prices..., and luckily, that’s for free.


Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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