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Why is Charlie Sheen Awesome? Because Apology is a word he's nerver heard of.

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Charlie Sheen, a 1980's hot male lead turned into a middle aged television star two decades later, smears his superiority all over interviews and now all over the internet. So, is he really special, a chosen Adonis so consumed by his exclusivity that all we can do is follow his wild rants in awe? I realized that everything that Mr. Sheen declares himself to be is absolutely true. How many can’t survive years of substance abuse, destroyed bonds and career failures and still walk away a winner. Somehow, this dude can do what most of us dwarfs so ineptly falter.

Here is a man whose binges and philandering are more memorable than his borderline straight to VHS body of work. Here is a man that doesn't play with the rules because the rules don't apply to him, and his mischievous, erratic behavior is simply dismissed by "oh, that's Charlie being Charlie." Maybe hidden in between Sheen's deranged quotes and flamboyant arrogance is a simple truth: we like those who are righteous, but we fucking love those who are anything but. There is a lesson to be learned from this man, never say you’re sorry.


Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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