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Wolfman (2010)

‘The Wolfman’ is like a Bangers & Mash. So you know what will come in the plate and you mostly will get what you wanted. You have your greasy meaty part, you have your creamy potatoy part too, topped with spicy gravy of the colour and atmosphere. It is easy going too… Bangers & Mash right? Not the typical choice for the healthy eaters though.

First let me make it clear that I didn’t watch the 1940 version. And I didn’t go through the 1980 version neither. There you go. I said it. So my liking of the latest make is not open for judge by the franchise/wolfman idea lovers. For the 100 min running time the story was very nicely told, not too fast, not too slow; the acting were spot on for most of the time; there were some greasy and rather mild twists and thrills, and an ending everyone saw coming. I actually enjoy the experience, feel like watching a stage play or well known musical, but if anyone is looking for surprise factors then they might be disappointed.

Werewolf plot is rather an old one, really. one got bitten, then healed, then there would be one of the full moon night he transformed. Most people don’t remember what they did during the shape shift, and they struggle between their beast side and their hopeless love. Oh, don’t forget, there is no cure, so story will end as tragedy for certain. This is like the sausage part you know so well, you know what it taste like before even eating it.

What brought the latest make a little interesting is the casting. Benicio’s sick facial expression, Anthony’s careless coldness, Hugo’s agent smith hunting confidence and Emily’s innocence all come into the play and working together rather well. I have to admit that it was fun watching Anthony and Hugo spitting out the lines like a stage play, it doesn’t hurt to have some character familiarity for tease when the entire story feel like you couldn’t know better.

The scary moments in the movie were not that good. Repetitive and predictable. And not that scary. The computer CGI was hit and miss whenever the werewolf was on the scene. The beast looked very heavy and fat I’d rather call it werebear. And when it get down on fours to spur it looked so clumsy I’d rather call it -- werehog. The gore is very low level. I mean, there are plenty of it but rather low level, know what I mean? Almost on the lazy level. The cheesy creamy love part was just about right… you know you just GOTTA have it but not over the top.

There were some goofy parts, like after Lawrence shaped back he had really clean face, that I am happy to let it slide. The Gypsy women (yes there are two of them) both could have some more play into the game but I am happy to let it slide. There were some funny lines/scenes that were funny but not on the intention (you never know, I guess) and I am happy to let it slide. All I want to say was I expected a Bangers & Mash and I got it. And it was a right night for it too.



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Wolfman (2010)


Directed by: Joe Johnston
Written by: Andrew Kevin Walker, David Self
Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Favid Sterne, Emily Blunt

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JAS on Sat, 02/13/2010 - 4:41pm

I've been hearing more and more that it was predictable, but I didn't expect to get anything more than the tried and true Wolfman tale with a better cast and updated effects. It seems like it delivers, so that's not a bad thing. :)