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In The Year 2000: Looking Back At a Film Era Still Searching For An Identity


Bitter Balcony found this article by New York Times Film Critic A.O Scott about his views on the 2000's decade for cinema and it's future legacy. Mr. Scott also refers to the evolution of film commentary and how some of the newer talent that emerged like Peter Jackson or Christopher Nolan will be placed in film.

It has been a rather mediocre era for American Cinema, but in the positive side, the evolution of Animation and Documentary as artistically and commercially viable genres could define our contribution to the art(The Pixar films, Michael Moore's work). We believe that in an era where we have so many avenues to gather our entertainment(via netflix, pc downloads) quantity weights more than quality. We are a drive-thru society, constantly wanting to be feed as quickly and often as possible, and this has severely diluted the merits of good storytelling in terms of movies(even when this applies in others areas as well). This is why something so banal like "2012" can make 65 million dollars when our belief is that most people know it's not going to be any good, but watching things blow up compensates for poor writing and even poorer examinations of the human character.

Anyways, we will leave the forum for Mr. Scott, who's insight of this decade's film entries is better analyzed than our half-researched rant.


Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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