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Yes, the CGI was great. but no, it was still not worth it. [USER REVIEW] [User Review]


I was young. I was foolish. I liked the colorful screen and pounding sound, that I forgot the truth.

I thought I could be happy. I thought that is what I want. My, oh my, I was so wrong.

Seriously, what could be wrong about 2012? It is a catastrophe, end of the world fantasy. It has all the computer effects, the flying cars, smashing trains, collapsing buildings and gaps, gaps and more gaps on the ground, earth is shaking, airplanes flying through the burning smoke, the black US president (not to mention, the last one) and Amanda Peet. What else can you possibly want? And how can I possibly be disappointed?

5 mins into the movie I was twitching on my seat. I was like, 'common, let it start already!' I waited and waited and finally, it started. I was so exited. for about, say 10 minutes.

The movie, 2012, is the worst movie I have seen in year 2009, in year 2008, in year 2007... Well, you get the idea. It was loud and very busy, but it was also unbelievably flawed. It has ALL the Hollywood cheese I ever saw, all the clichés I could imagine, and they managed to stuff all the stinkers into the movie. Double layered.

Seriously, the movie’s budget must have been huge. All the CGI scenes are not cheap. John Cusack and Amanda Peet were not free, Woody Harrelson was not free; well, maybe Danny Glover was free, and Thandie Newton must paid (we call it Sponsorship these days) to be in the movie. So why cant they get a PAID writer to do the script job? Why cut corner to save like, 500 dollars? Any university student, even computer science ones, could have done a better job writing it. Any high school student could write better. My, this is insulting.

I didn't want a hundred dollar dinner with fancy wine. I just want a cheap, greasy $5 steak for the happy hour. And what do you know? The gravy was OFF!

For a moment, I was so sad I was speechless. “Independence day” was better. “War of the worlds” was better. “The day after tomorrow” was better. Even the plasticy “Surrogate” was better. “G.I. Joe” was better. Really. Yes, really. “G.I. Joe” was better.

I went in with lowest expectation possible. I told myself, I am just going for the CGI.

Yes, the CGI was great, but no, it was still not worth it.

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Mr. or Ms. Bitter Person Jr. on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 6:42am

if this movie only last for less than two hours, maybe you would give it a better review. It's just too long, so you don't know what to do after you've done all the laughing and CGIs

JAS on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 4:26pm

I feel sorry that you had to sit through this one. Eek!

Worse than "G.I. Joe"? OMZ, is that even possible?

Mr. or Ms. Bitter Person Jr. on Thu, 02/11/2010 - 5:27pm

Oliver Stone's homage to 60's rock group The Doors also doubles as a biography of the group's late singer, the "Electric Poet" Jim Morrison. - http://pop-corn-film.info/post/the-doors - see The Doors.

JAS on Thu, 02/11/2010 - 6:22pm

Random, but um OK.

Feel free to post a review of it on our site if you feel so inclined!

Que on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 10:15pm

to be fair the computer effects is pretty good. maybe a little over the top but still, good. trick is, there is only short surprise factor when seeing the earthquake and volcano explosion, but the movie is like 2.6 hour long!

at lease the Joe was short. and there are moments in 2012 that makes G.I Joe look like a master piece.