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Michael Bay tells Megan Fox to grow up!


Megan Fox slammed Bay for focusing on special effects and not acting. He responds by saying that "she says some ridiculous things".

Lets just think about that Mr. Michael Bay... You think it is ridiculous to focus on acting (and probably story telling)? Really? Maybe this is why your movies have the same feel of, I don't know, toilet paper? Do you know why? Because I wipe my ass with these laughable attempts at directing that you do. Swinging the camera around and exploding things is not good film making. High end special effects do not make your movie great by default.

No, no. There is a little thing called character development. Historically, most of the movies that are considered great do that one thing well. Seriously, look it up. Story telling is a directors job. Standing in front of an audience screaming, jumping, and making explosion sounds with your mouth is not how good story tellers do it. No. They develop characters and have things like three acts.

On a side note, I'm starting to hold a grudge against Steven Spielberg. He supports this hack as if he is the next big thing. Steven, has hanging out with Lucas affected your judgement that much? Tell Lucas to pull that Chewbacca toy out of his ass and go home, whack yourself in the face with a pan, and come to the conclusion that people are finally starting to reach... Michael Bay is a bad director. He will never be a good director... You need to focus your energy on someone that can actually reach the potential that you think Bay has, but this time be realistic about it.

Source: http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/us-magazine-megan-fox-bay.html

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