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Taking of Pelham 123 [USER REVIEW] [User Review]


Taking of Pelham 123

“The Taking of Pelham 123” is trying to be cool. Note the key word: trying. Similar movies were cool. “Ransom” for instance, directed by Ron Howard, was one of them. The tense hostage/kidnap situation offered intriguing power shifting between two clever and complex minds. Earlier “Negotiator” and later “Inside Man” are good examples of this, too.

While Tony Scott tried hard, “The Taking of Pelham 123” failed to be one of those “cool” movies.

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A game to the death! [LINK]


Games of Death

Heroes throughout time have been put to games that have only one rule. FIght to the death! These heroes always find ways to overcome the greatest of opponents or the series/movies would be over, i mean, they would die.

IO9 has posted links to heroes from film and TV that have had to face these challenges. HERE IS THE LINK

I have included a few of my own, for you bitter film fans out there.


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Avatar - Cool or just elongated Smurfs from Mars?

Avatar - Cool or just elongated Smurfs from Mars?

James Cameron fans have been waiting for his next blockbuster for damn near 12 years. It’s a wonder that such a long time between films didn’t make it more difficult for him to get funding. Contacts in Hollywood are said to run dry after seven years, but when you have Cameron’s moneymakers under your belt, Hollywood’s greedy little hands never let go.

The trailer is out and we have learned that Hitler is not very happy about it. What is Hitler happy about? If it’s not this, he’s bitching about his Xbox account getting banned (more on that later). Fans are not as impressed as most people thought they would be. Sure, when the first press screening of the trailer and the movie’s tech came out everyone was blown away. This never lasts though, and in our case (and not), impressions started to dwindle as soon as the trailer hit the Web.

So the question remains: Are the aliens cool or just elongated Smurfs from Mars? Smurfs is probably an overstatement on their blue appeal. If they had white hats and sang I’d support this. However, in the trailer, I noticed only one female, so the jury might still be out.



Ride this Wonder Wheel! Adventureland review



Greg Mottola's follow-up his mega hit Superbad takes his explorations of horny youths and recreational drug use to the amusement park. Adventureland is the story of James(Jesse Eisenberg), a recently graduated college student who is still plagued by the V word (virgin, in case you were wondering). His plans to go the Europe for the summer are put to a halt when his father gets demoted at work, forcing James to stay with his parents in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh has had a nice run of films shot in their city lately).



Inspector Gadget - Wowser! This one's a doozy! [BONUS content included]

Inspector Gadget

There are moments when police officers are at their best - and moments when they are at their worst. John Brown (was this really Gadget’s name?) has a long day of goodness followed by a night of not-so-goodness. Why, you ask? He blows up. Then a bowling ball, which flew up from the explosion, lands on the poor evil bastard’s hand that he was chasing. This poor evil bastard becomes Claw (note the lack of “Doctor”), because he gets a metal claw for a hand. The cop is an entirely different matter.

When a cop is lost in the line of duty (in cinema, of course) he can either become a robo, er, cop, who fights Enforcement Droids of the 209 variety or he can become a halfwit stuffed with Silly Putty and yo-yos. Yo-yos like the team behind this film and the star of the show.


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They said that! Favorite movie quotes (We Need You, Bitterites!)


I got to the library to catch up on some work when I saw they had the poster for The American Film Institute's top 101 Film Quotes. This list came out a few years ago and I decided to list some of them here. However, we're curious to know what quotes are YOUR favorites! Great lines sometimes come from lesser known or even crap movies("I'm here for two things, to chew gum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubble gum"-Nada, from They Live, or at least that's how I remember it), and they stay with us forever. Anyways, here are the top 10, so let's see what you got!



Where did I put my contacts! Blindness Review


An untraceable sight-removing epidemic strikes an undisclosed metropolis in Fernando Meirelles' perception-challenging “Blindness.” Based on the award-winning novel by José Saramago, strangers meet when a white light takes away their vision. They are lead by a woman (Julianne Moore) who pretends to be afflicted to safeguard her optometrist husband (Mark Ruffalo) when the victims are secluded in an abandoned penitentiary.

The Doctor's Wife, who like all the characters in this story is nameless, is spectator to the atrocities men wreak when a vital sense is obstructed. Military enforcement keeps the exiles from the outside world; the only information coming in is via the increasing number of blinded victims.


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