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Revolutionary Road (2008)

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I don’t know what road they are talking about, but there is nothing revolutionary about it.

The story as I see it, is about a couple who thought hey were hot shit when they were younger, got married, had some kids that someone else must be taking care of because you never see them, and started living “normal” lives. Frank Wheeler and April Wheeler (Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet, respectively) are this couple. Frank is usually unhappy because April has constant titty attacks. Even though Frank is played off as more of the victim he’s as much of an ass as she is.

Here we have a story that takes place in the 1950s, which is a cool setting for any movie, but aside from the sweet sweet cars, there is nothing here to write home about.



OMZ definition

General Zod, Zod, Spuerman, bitter balcony



OMZ - Acronym
[ō – mahy – z’od]



1. Oh, my Zod! – Denoting exclamation in the name if the almighty Zod. *Further expansion on context below.


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Day Night Day Night: a date with a terrorist


To walk the streets of New York on any given day feels like waking inside an anthill, the gathering of people so immense in such a narrow space that you are bound to collide with a multitude of faces, each unique yet hard to distinguish. You are absorbed by the radiant lights of Times Square, the stench of the NY Subway System, and the bruises of the best city in the world. New York is the closest you will ever be to becoming invisible. In Day Night Day Night, a young woman journeys into the heart of the city with a bomb harboring in her backpack and a volume remote as her trigger.


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Movie Lending Silent (maybe not-so silent anymore) Agreement


Through years of experience, which I have obviously not learned anything from since I still fall into this trap; I have devised a set of rules which should be assumed when a movie is lent to someone. These are simple rules that should be safely assumed when as agreed upon between the loaner and the borrower when a movie (these rules can be applied to music CDs as well) lent out. There are only 6 simple rules, one of which has two parts. Forward this link to people before you lend them a movie.


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Push (me off a roof)


Push opens up with a man looking for a place to hide eventually reaching a room where he dispenses some wisdom to his son, to help a child that gives him a flower. Years later we see that this child has grown up into the talented, but unlucky in landing a decent movie, Chris Evans, playing Nick Grant.



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The Last Minute (2001)


Stephen Norrington directs this movie about Billy Byrnes rise and fall from grace as a great… Director… Photographer… Philosopher… Fraked if I know. This whole movie goes by talking about how great he is then how he lost it. What did he do that was so great? Dunno. What did he do that was so bad? Dunno. What does he do? He, look at that, a resounding DUNNO!

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