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It's Curtains for you! Public Enemies review


Public Enemies

It's curtains, see! I saw Public Enemies amidst a raucous crowd of five kids that perhaps wished they had seen Bruno (they walked out halfway into the film). Well, I did sit and was moderately pleased by the latest Michael Mann effort, a ah just swell feature about John Dillinger and his legendary bank robberies and jail breaks. Mann, who likes to start his biopic films about an hour into the story does the same here: Dillinger and his band of merry men stage a break in a penitentiary to rescue some of his pals, followed by a bank robbery. This is all he does in the film.


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A little Blade in my Crow all stomped on by a Titan


In what I am hoping is good news, Stephen Norrington is back! The director of Blade and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen who “gave up on Hollywood” is back.


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Will stocks plummet for Wall Street 2?


About a month ago I refreshed my memory of Oliver Stone's Faustian tale of the Trading world, Wall Street, a true 80's benchmark. We had a young and potentially talented leading man in Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox, a young broker ready for an opportunity to be mentored by Gordon Gekko, played stylishly and devilishly by Michael Douglas. The film is very good, a morality play on white collar swindle and the blindsided blue collar industries it preyed on.


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Max Payne (and a pain it is)


Max Payne

If you watch the trailer you will think that you are going in to see a well shot, hard-boiled detective/revenge flick. What you will get is a bland/boring movie that does not the narrative of the game – which was actually quite good.


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Sleep Dealers


Any time something interesting pops up we here at bitter balcony will try to bring it to your attention. We aren't talking amazing movies like G.I. Joe, which everyone knows about, but things that are a little more under the radar.

Case in point, Sleep Dealer.


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GI Joe and why you shouldn't watch it. (UPDATED)


First I'll list a few simple reasons:

1. Stephen Sommers

2. Remember Helsing, it'll be that bad.

3. Remember how great the trailer for Mummy was and how not so the movie was. This'll likely be the same case.

4. Marlon Wayans... riiiight.

5. Delta suits. [NEW]

6. You know that just watching Sienna Miller isn't worth $9.50 and 2 wasted hours of life. [NEW]

7. Arnold Vosloo isn't punk rock enough to be Zartan. [NEW]

8. Destro's design. [NEW]

9. Cobra Commander's design. [NEW]

10. Stephen Sommers.



Michael Bay tells Megan Fox to grow up!


Megan Fox slammed Bay for focusing on special effects and not acting. He responds by saying that "she says some ridiculous things".

Lets just think about that Mr. Michael Bay... You think it is ridiculous to focus on acting (and probably story telling)? Really? Maybe this is why your movies have the same feel of, I don't know, toilet paper? Do you know why? Because I wipe my ass with these laughable attempts at directing that you do. Swinging the camera around and exploding things is not good film making. High end special effects do not make your movie great by default.


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