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Lookout: Another Earth

Another Earth(2011)

There are times when independent film comes along that you know will promise something grander, but may not deliver. While it won’t deliver in something “out there” it does have the opportunity to deliver a strong human story.

Granted all we have seen from “Another Earth” is a trailer, but it is a strong one that could prove to tell a very human tale about loss and love; two elements, which can be pretty powerful when combined with the right cast and screenplay.

This film is playing at SIFF and I plan to attend, time permitting, perhaps you should too.


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What if Batman was a madman? "The Batman Complex" trailer


We here at Bitter Balcony are Batman fans. With all the debate over if Batman is Bruce Wayne's alter ego or Bruce Wayne is Batman's alter ego never have we thought that he could just be... bat-shit crazy! This trailer proves that the conversation is worth having and could make a movie worth watching.


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Happy Star Wars Day!

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Thor - Poppy Corny kinda Movie [User Review]

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, 2011Kenneth BranaghNatalie Portman Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Thor (2011)

The experience watching "Thor" is exactly like eating that tub of popcorn - it is a lazy choice, un-inspiring, fast-food flavor, nothing more than salt/grease, and taste exactly like the last time you had it - an experience built to be forgotten.

"Thor" tells a story where this blonde boyish 'god of thunder', is being cast to earth after making an arrogant mistake and power stripped; he however learnt the value of life and love and regain his power through the short journey on earth, kissed a human girl, and recovered his god-ish status.


Tarsem is at it again with "Immortals"


Tarsem is quite the director. He has works like "The Fall," which told a touching tale that was lush in it's visuals, plentiful in heart and high on entertainment. He has a. Particular vision that can turn a movie with as weak a script as "The Cell" around... Not completely, but still. Now he plans on entertiaining us with the "Immortals.". The film looks lush, a per usual, but some scenes really feel like they are missing the umph required. On the whole though we are sure that mixing one part Tarsem and one part 300 can't be a bad thing. Watch the trailer below and see for yourself.


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Hot Tub TIme Machine takes us back to the '80s and we realize we need a hot tub

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Hot Tub Time Machine 2010 Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Hot Tub Time Machine(2010)

Much like sometimes good, sometimes bad, legendary ‘80s band reunions John Cusack’s return the famously cheesy time period could just have been cashing in. Thankfully, “Hot Tub Time Machine” entertains us and proves that Cusack’s return is a no brainer winning formula.

Fellow homies who find themselves in varying degrees of failure in life decide to go to a hotel that provided many stories from their youth to see if they can tap that magic fountain once more. The fountain turns out to be a hot tub that throws them back into their bodies in the ‘80s (but we see their older versions in the film) where they could possibly change the course of their failed lives.

The writing is funny and good enough to poke fun of all the things we love and hate from the ‘80s like the music, clothes and cassette players. They briefly touch on the funnier things like when the youngest of the characters is talking to a girl and trying to get her email or cel phone number. He asks, “How am I supposed to get in touch with you?” She turns to him and says, “You have to find me.” After she walks away the character says, “That sounds exhausting.”


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As of yesterday it’s official, Sarah Connor won the war!

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As it turns out yesterday, 4/21/11, at 8:11 PM Skynet would have become self aware and begun it’s war against mankind. Since I don’t see any mushroom clouds on the horizon I can assume Sarah and John Connor either succeeded in putting a stop to the creation of Skynet or delayed our inevitable fate.

Read more at Guardian.co.uk.

Special thanks to the Connor’s on this non-nuclear winter of a Thursday!

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