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Exit Through the Gift Shop or "Friends, don't let Friends do Art!"

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Exit Through the Gift Shop BanksyThierry Guetta,Banksy,Shepard Fairey,Space Invader Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Exit Through the Gift Shop

Thierry Guetta, protagonist in “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” the “documentary” by graffiti artist Banksy, is the personification of the overbearing European turned instant celebrity that Roberto Bengini embedded in American audiences forever. A vintage clothing shop owner turned impromptu filmmaker; Guetta is irrevocably unaware and obnoxiously compulsive. However, Guetta has an underdog quality that propels him when he happens to stumble into the contemporary Street Art movement. Guetta films the artistic escapades of Street Art heroes Space Invader and Shepard Fairey. His journey leads him to the movement’s most obscure artist, the notorious Banksy (Banksy goes as far to conceal his indentity that he hides he face in an enlarged hoodie and distorts his voice).



The Last Airbender - The first and last if we are lucky

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, The Last Airbender 2010M. Knight ShyamalanM. Knight ShyamalanNoah Ringer,Dev Patel,Nicola Peltz,Jackson Rathbone,Shaun Toub,Aasif MandviMichael Dante DiMartino,Bryan Konietzko Bitter,Bitterometer,meter The Last Airbender(2010)

The Last Airbender, an M. Knight Shyamalan film. We knew when we read that second part of the preceding sentence that this film had a good chance of being a disappointment. This was not only a safe assumption, but turns out to be a completely accurate one. M. Knight manages to take some truly great source material and turn it into a muddy, flat and dull film.

For someone who has loved the series, it was easy to think that the trailer for "The Last Airbender" was made up from scenes of the entire series. It is impossible to capture the story in a two-hour film. This is one that begs to be a trilogy, and if done right, is welcome to entertain us over the course of three films. Unfortunately, this is where things get sad. M. Knight had the sense to realize this and turned only the first book (season) into a film. For a talented writer, this would be enough to make an excellent film. The operative words there are "talented writer.” M. Knight is far from it, taking characters that should be entertaining and making them a bore. Their loyalties so muddy you won't know who is doing what or why they are doing it.


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And the new Spider-Man is... Andrew Garfield

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Yup, in this video he looks soooooo enthused too.....

Eh, I prefer Tobey McGuire. I still wish they would have made one more that didn't end in such a bummer, but nope It's REBOOT time!

What time is it?

Reboot time!

Why is it that time?

Because we've got to cash in as much as we can!

Why is that?

Because Hollywood LOVES not coming up with anything new and exciting.

Video after the jump.


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Hotties in Haiku: Statue of Liberty

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Appearances? Tons.

You, never in the credits.

Our copper hottie.


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ZombCon Pics! [Seattle]


Zombcon 2010

We went, we saw, we died, we came back! Though there wasn't much to do really the looking around was pretty entertaining.

As soon as we hear if they beat the Guinness Book Record we will share it with you. Stay Tuned.

More Pics Inside!


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Join us at Red, White and Dead [Seattle]

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Red, White and Dead  Red, White and Dead

Join us in Fremont, WA where thousands are expected to dress up like zombies and walk the streets in an effort to break the Guinness Book of World Record for the "Largest Zombie Walk"!

There will also be game lounges, free movie screenings, make-up centers, a tribute "Thriller" dance and Astro-Creep will be playing!

While we may not be dressing up this year we will be there to photograph and document the events. With any luck we will be posting from the event itself, so stay tuned!

More info: HERE



Bitter Balcony turns 1 year old!

One year anniversary!,Bitter Balcony, review, movie revieww, movie, bitterOne year anniversary!

Bitter Balcony turns one year old on July 2! Can you believe it? One year of bitter and we haven’t had a heart attack yet.

First we’d like to take the time to thank all of you who have commented on our posts. Compliments or arguments are always welcome. After all, we are here to inform, entertain and maybe debate on a film. Watching films is great, but discussing them is a large part of the fun.

We’d like to thank those of you who have taken time to submit reviews of your moviegoing experiences. Bitter Balcony offers a public forum for the bitter: just ask Que, RetroGuy09, LyndiT and Ryan. With any luck, our comments will reach the eyes and ears of those who make films and cause them to think twice about making the crap we’ve been seeing lately.


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