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Splice a review, this one is definitely not normal.

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Splice (2010)

Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody, two scientists, engineer the first manmade organic life form. This is not a clone of a lamb, or a pig or a bull, but a strange wormlike creature assembled using the DNA of various animals. Naturally, this is but the first step on their journey to splicing in the ever more complicated human genome, or at least parts. In an act of defiance and experimentation they create Dren, a modern day science driven Frankenstein.

With this act of the movie begins its exploration of the strange creature that is Dren and her evolution from small Squirrel-like creature to full-grown human…ish thing with strange legs and a tail. Twists and turns in her speedy evolution continue to shock the scientists and give us enough fodder to be entertained.



Norwegian Ninja - Wow.


I think I'm speechless.


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Mortal Kombat short film or test for a feature?


Nuke Michael Jai White and this could be worth watching.


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Is Tropic Thunder's Les Grossman possible spin-off movie a half-retard idea, or a full retard idea?

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Tom Cruise might return as the ball-busting producer

Tom Cruise, whose star power has been on the decline since L. Ron Hubbard brainwashed him with paperback Sci-Fi theology, may have found his trump card. Les Grossman, the Joel Silver inspired cutthroat producer Cruise played to mean perfection in “Tropic Thunder” made an appearance in the MTV Movie Awards. Grossman was bump and grinding (wow, we never thought we would ever use that phrase for Bitter Balcony!) with J.Lo over a Ludacris jam. According to eonline.com, when asked about a future Grossman movie, Tom Cruise suggested that the project is in the works.



Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - a classic curry and kabab fair [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

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Prince of Persia (2010)

Watching this movie is like walking into a curry and kabab fair. If you holding an expectation of some food court quality options or street corner takeway flavour, you are heading to a nice surprise.

Let me set this out straight before we go in any further: I don't really know much of the late Prince of Persia games. My memory of the Prince of Persia still stays with the 1989 version, when the game was played on a 320 X 200 with 8 colors. There was very little music and now that I remembered, bad sound effect quality. But back to the time when a computer was not a day-to-day item, the game was absolutely breath taking, the prince's movement smooth, palace level difficulties well designed to engage hours of play time and thrill. It was one of my completed (with confidence) games in early time and one of my old time favorite.


Hotties in Haiku: Dren from Splice

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You're born an odd squirrel.

Budding into a hottie.

Legs and tail, ignored.


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Best Twilight review EVAR!

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That is it and it is A-Mazing!


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