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Iron Man 2 - a big big pot of chicken casserole [User Review] [User Review]

Iron Man,Bitter Balcony, review, movie revieww, movie, bitterIron Man 2 (2010)

Chicken Casserole! With onions, carrots, potatos, kumara, coli flower, capsicums, chillies, tomatos, cheese...

Iron Man 2 is like a big pot of stew. It is big, colourful, fun, and has a lot of everything in it. And honestly, tastes not too bad.

Closely following the first movie, Tony Stark returns as Iron Man, more arrogant, more proud and more playboy-ish. The Iron Man suits has multiple versions now, they are neatly hang-up and comes in different colors. I am sure everyone knows that the suit comes in a foldup version too, so he can have a little superhero experience when on the go. Unlike Superman or Spiderman, those dudes need to wear that uncomfortable elastic dresses under their day to day jackets; Iron Man is right up there with all the supermodels and hot journalists, he can't afford to have any skin rashes around crotch area.


We Are the Champions! Uh, no. The Losers review.

The Losers,Bitter Balcony, review, movie revieww, movie, bitter
The Losers

Bitter Balcony has finally encountered a movie that lives up to its title. “The Losers," based on the DC Vertigo series by Andy Diggle and illustrator Jock follows an elite squad led by Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who is double-crossed by war profiteer Max (Jason Patric) during a special mission in Bolivia. Believed to be dead, Clay and his gang of misfit soldiers – which includes right-hand man Roque (Idris Elba), computer whiz Jensen (Chris Evans), sharpshooter Cougar (Óscar Jaenada) and pilot extraordinaire Pooch (Colombus Short) – are left in exile. But when the dangerous Aisha (Zoë Saldana) proposes to bring The Losers back to American soil and kill Max, this modern “Wild Bunch” dives in despite Aisha’s nefarious motive.


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Director Samuel Bayer on Nightmare on Elm Street's suckage

Bayer whines

Reading Joblo.com's post, here, and seeing the quote below from Bayer makes us all realize one thing. Hollywood sissy's can't take honest criticism.

Hey, if you make crap own up to it. No one likes to be told that their work wasn't all that great, but we did see it and we did deem it lame. Not to mention that working on a remake lately is like stepping in poo voluntarily.

I, JAS, will be headed to the theater tonight to throw away some money on this, so I too can have a basis for my complaints (just based on the trailer).

P.S. Dear Bayer, Whining like that girl Uwe Boll won't win you any fans.


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Spiderman, Flash, and a few Jedis save the day!

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Breaking News: today is Star Wars Day!

Geeks rejoice over Star Wars Day!,Bitter Balcony, review, movie revieww, movie, bitter
Geeks rejoice over Star Wars Day!

Time to get drunk with Aunt Beru's blue milk! Today is Star Wars Day, and according to USA Today, it has to do with some geeky re-wording of the film's famous tag-line: "May the Forth be with you". Anyways, here's a holiday we can really be into. Enjoy, dorks! Here's the link.


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Muppets (1978) behind the scenes


Poor Fozzy... He's just so full of it, you know? Foam...


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