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Punisher vs Punisher vs Punisher

"The Punisher" vs. "The Punisher" vs. "The Punisher"

This could be considered a triple-whammy review of each of "The Punisher" films based on the Marvel Comics character (aka Frank Castle). There have been three actors cast in the role, three separate directors and three separate writers. But did any of them know the source material enough to succeed? Let's focus on three main components (Story, Character and Villians) and find out.

Bring out the guns and ammo! This one might get messy.



Hotties in Haiku: Margot Kidder's Lois Lane


Witty and clever.

She's not hot enough for Supes.

Always in trouble.


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Superman Cartoons! Yours free and all legal-like

superman, animated, classic, bitter balcony Superman cartoons!

Thanks to the gods of public domainness you can watch these old school classic Superman cartoons absolutely free!

Sure Bitter Balcony is not handing out copies of the Zod fabulous "Superman 2," but beggars can't be choosers!

Feel free to download it from the following links for your computer, IPod and/or PSP!

It's also all very legal, so no need to be hush hush about it.

Now go spread the word!


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Oh, Snap! We've got ourselves a preview for "Predators"


Watch and enjoy! The last scene is pretty kick ass and I have to admit that having Robert Rodriguez involved, "Spy Kids" aside, makes me more than a little excited to see this one.

Oh, yeah. The trailer now comes with added Preda-dog flavors!


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On Location: Emerald City ComiCon 2010

Emerald City ComiCon

Since Hollywood has been on a hell of a comic book adaption kick lately, Bitter Balcony decided to go to Emerald City ComiCon to see what we could dig up. We snapped a few pics of fans who just have to show how much they love their favorite characters by dressing up like them. Sometimes cool, sometimes not. Thankfully we missed the non-hot Princess Leia, who had a beard and man parts (if you get our meaning).



Howard The Duck (1986) - "Duck" this one [User Review]

Howard the Duck (1986)

It's not just that HOWARD THE DUCK is a bad movie. That would be fine -- I love "bad" movies, savoring them the way a connoisseur might linger over a fine wine, porterhouse steak, or other delicacy. Bad movies are my life to a degree: GALAXY OF TERROR, WEB OF THE SPIDER, Spaghetti Westerns, Turkish made super hero ripoffs with guys running around in skeleton suits, Mexican wrestling horror with some freak in a silver mask fighting vampire babes. Love 'em.

The problem with HOWARD THE DUCK has to do with proportions. You might even say "Less is More" when it comes to a good grade C minus movie, especially if it manages to leave you wanting more. With HOWARD, you want less. Far less.


Comic book week starts tomorrow!


Comic Book Week

Starting tomorrow through Saturday Bitter Balcony will exclusively cover comic book movies and Seattle's very own "Emerald City ComiCon!"

Join us and enjoy the comic booky goodness!


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