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The Edge of Darkness [User Review] [User Review]

Edge of Darkness (2010)

The edge of darkness is a drink of ginger ale – it is not that mind blowing glass of wine, but not your down-pouring cup of coca cola neither.

Our Mel Gibson as a police detective was traumatised by his beloved daughter’s death and decided to take a series of revenge action to dig to the root. As the background of his daughter’s complex unfold he realized that more politics and powerful people were involved but he didn’t care. He took justice in his own hand cos he was a guy ‘ with nothing to lose and doesn’t give a sh!t”.


Spiderman abilities to become a reality?


Apparently, Darpa a Pentagon agency has been researching ways to gain the abilities of superheroes such as Superman’s X-Ray vision in the past and now they are setting their sites on Spiderman.

Wired magazines states, “No surprise that Darpa, the Pentagon agency often inspired by sci-fi, is behind this one. They’ve been funding superhero efforts for years, from Superman X-Ray vision to human flight via cannonball (well, sorta). Spider-Man capabilities have been a top priority too, in hopes that troops might one day scale verticals 'without the need for rope or ladder.'"

These small wall crawling robots have the tech to make Spiderman seem a little less special and make a spider monkey out of all of us.

Source: Wired.com


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100 cheesiest movie quotes back to back to back


Sure we don't agree with all of them, but there are some really great ones in here. :)



Kill them all! Send in "Legion" to bore them to death!

Legion (2010)

The heavens are torn asunder and spew the “Legion” upon us in an awkward attempt at extermination of the human race. God throws a hissy fit and sends his warrior angels to kill an unborn child, but one angel rebels and descends on us to defend us with all his fallen angel glory.

Sounds good right? Angels and Demons… wait, wrong movie. All these mythical creatures coming down to hand us our asses on heavenly platters. With a premise that almost promises to deliver on the scale of 1995’s “The Prophecy,” you'd think this would be easy. But this is Hollywood and things are never as good as they seem.


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Book of Eli (AKA - Resistance is Futile: The Bible is your only hope)

Albert Huges, Allen Huges, commentary, Denzel Washington, Fallout 3, Gary Oldman, lookout, Michael Gambon, Milla Kunis, post apocalyptic, bitter balcony Book or Eli (2009)

“Book of Eli” follows Eli (Denzel Washington) as he pulls a “Ghoul Goes West” in search of a town worthy of dropping of his oh-so-important book. Along the way he ends up in some unnamed town run by Carnegie (Gary Oldman) who witnesses his kick-assery and “requests” his help. Solara (Mila Kunis) is sent in to sweeten the deal.

Direction by the Hughes Brothers and the score by Atticus Ross follow the same strange on-again, off-again artsy style. While this works for the most part the gunfights are overshot. Taking a hint or two (or three) from the video game series Fallout, the design is perfect but the premise isn't. When we saw Eli’s book had a cross on it, we sorta checked out. There are also some annoying contradictions in the film.



Hotties in Haiku: Brad Pitt


Has had long blonde hair

Talented and kind of cool

What "he's" not a chick!?!

We would like to apologize for including a man in this haiku. The author was momentarily confused because Mr. Pitt is so damn pretty.



Bitter Balcony Sleuths Sherlock Holmes!!!

Sherlock Holmes

It's elementary, my dear friends, that Hollywood is running out of material. We have the upcoming "The Wolfman" based on the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr. classic and with a potential "Dracula" remake (”Sam “Avatar” Worthington is in talks to play the vampire with “The Crow” director Alex Proyas attached). Hollywood is going wayyyyy back for “new” sources.

Another revamp is this winter's "Sherlock Holmes,” and this time we go back two centuries ago (we guess our generation is not that interesting). The studio decided to add a stroke of hoodlum savvy to the clever, yet frigid hero. With bad-boy director Guy Ritchie at the helm (hopefully done with trash like Swept Away”, yikes!) and bad-boy actor Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes, this film is ends up being more brawn than brains. And that’s not a bad thing.

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