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It’s complicated, well, sort of [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

It's Complicated

It’s complicated is like a Chocolate Croissant. It is pleasant, deliver exactly what you’d expected (the chocolate, and well, the Croissant), and not much of surprise otherwise. Is it complicated? Well, sort of. Or not.

Jane’s charming husband left her for some young sexy 10 years ago left Jane with three kids. Obviously he was not the material for family figure, so when the new family started to overload him with some family duties he started to fall backwards, when 10 years later this side of the kids were all grown and not so much of a headache. Jane is waving in between the affair with exhubby and humble funny architect.


Moving Pictures Presents: Hotties in Haiku - Darryl Hannah [User Review]


Mermaid, cave girl and

sexy, sexy replicant.

Oh, where have you gone?

Brought to you by Moving Pictures: Haiku Film Reviews.


The Hurt Locker - A Neutral Take On The Iraq War [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

Hurt Locker (2008)

My introduction to Kathryn Bigelow was “K-19: The Widowmaker” which wasn’t a good first impression, I mean the movie would have been fine had it not been for the atrocious Russian accents on display by the main cast, which distracts from the story. I haven’t seen “Point Break” but through “Hot Fuzz” and “Mythbusters” I know it wouldn’t appeal to me.

Though none of these really was on my mind when I sat down and watched this film, which I had heard a considerable amount of acclaim behind it as well as being a contender for Best Picture this year (Which there will be 10 nominees). And to say the least experiencing this from beginning to end it is truly one of the best films of year and probably one of the best modern warfare films I have seen since “Black Hawk Down.”


Should you invite your family over to the House of Yes?

1997, Freddie Prince Jr., Geneviève Bujold, House of Yes, Josh Hamilton, Parker Posey, review, Tori Spelling, bitter balcony House of Yes (1997)

Parker Posey stars as "Jackie-O" Pascal in this tale of Thanksgiving with a family who have more than one skeleton in the closet. Josh Hamilton, as Jackie-O's brother, has brought his fianceé (Tori Spelling, ugh) to the party and well, let's just say, in the words of Mr. T himself, we pity the fool.

The story, based on a play, is shot entirely in one location and while feature-length, it feels a tad on the short side. The wit is handled well as are the odd conversations which happen throughout. Slowly, we uncover the rotting layers of this family's past and see just how much the onion of their life can stink.



Here we go again... Ferris Beuller is getting a remake - better call it a de-make

Ferris Beuller remake, Matthew Broderick, remake, movie Ferris Beuller gets a de-make

Because pissing all over our memories of “Karate Kid”, "Red Dawn" and all the other countless remakes wasn’t enough Hollywood wants to show us how insignificant being a fan of something original can be. How are they doing this you ask? They are remaking (read: demaking) “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”.

Let us ask ourselves now, “What the F**K is f**king wrong with f**king Hollywood? What? WHAT!?!”

Seriously, at this point Hollywood execs should be shot in the face for the mere mention of remaking ANYTHING.

More ranting inside, plus a link worth egging you monitor over.


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May the wickedly cute chick you might want to fear just a tad.

May, 2002, Angela Bettis, movie May (2002)

May is an awkward young girl trying to find acceptance in this world. Like any nonconformist can tell you, this is easier said than done. She is a strange girl whose best friend is a weird doll in a glass box who manages to somehow give May advice – advice that doesn't always work. May makes several attempts at making friends, but finds that the best option for her is a much more macabre one.


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Bad Tubing: PVC-1 review!

Colombian films, Michael Jai White, PVC-1, review, Spiros Stathoulopoulos PVC-1

Bitter Balcony has found one raw thriller with "PVC-1". Based on a real event, a farmer's family is victimized in their own home by guerrilla hijackers on Colombia's countryside. As the criminals terrify the helpless family, a sinister plan to force a ransom has the hijakers strap a PVC bomb around the neck of the father. However, the man's neck is too wide for the device, leaving them to use the man's wife(Merida Urquia) instead.


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