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If only! Blade Runner as an Anime film! Includes more Anime wishes.

5 Movies that should be made into an Anime

Thanks to the power of Twitter we ran across THIS interesting Blog post with a great Blade Runner Anime fan art.

Interesting that they mention Mannequin. There are plenty other movies that could benefit from an Anime remake, but that is one we wouldn't have considered. One can only imagine Hollywood, the character, Anime-style. LOL

Source: http://blog.rekuru.com/


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Does Dolph Lundgren give a Command Performance?

Command Performance (2009)

What's an actor to do when there are no more roles worth taking? Make a movie and give yourself a role that’s worth it. Well, at least that's what Dolph Lundgren attempts with “Command Performance.”

“Command Performance” is about an American with a dark past (yeah, original) who is playing drums in an up-and-coming rock band during a charity event. Easy enough . . . or so we thought. The real story starts with some extortionists crashing the party and taking hostages. Well, except one guard and the drummer (averagely named Joe). These two must kick, punch and shoot as much extortionist-ass as they can to save those who are left.


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Will Alice in Wonderland Be Worth Going Down The Rabbithole?

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton's rendition of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" comes to theaters in March 2010, duh. You probably know that unless you where hiding under a mushroom(or taking one). Anyways, why do a lookout for a movie we are all aware and likely to see?



2012 – We’re all going to die… well, not really.

NASA speaks out on 2012 BS!

NASA has been answering questions about a planet called Nibiru which will collide with Earth and destroy us all. Yes, you read right. There are people who believe this. Seriously.

OK, so NASA’s David Morrison has gone on record and addressed concerns about the end of the Earth on December 2012. He says none of this will happen. For some reason… When it comes to believing Ronald Emmerich or David Morrison, we choose the latter.

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Julie & Julia - deliciously imbalanced [User Review]

Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia is a delicious but unbalanced movie. It is like enjoying a piece of lemon pie – the lemon cream is perfectly fresh and packed with flavor but the pastry is inevitably dull, making you just want to dive into the lemon part and forget about the stupid crust. Mind you, it is not a movie about food. So if you are looking for delicious recipes, gourmet food images, smooth food handling technics or ultimate chef legends, you are looking at a wrong movie. Julie & Julia is a delicious movie on its own, food just happened to be part of it. Oh, and not very well balanced.

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Moving Pictures Presents: Hotties in Haiku - Smurfette [User Review]


One girl, hundred boys

OK, she's a bit easy

Who wouldn't smurf that?

Brought to you by Moving Pictures: Haiku Film Reviews.

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Warner Brothers 2010 preview - WB releases more crap into the wild!


Here are some of Warner Brothers releases for 2010 and our thoughts on them.

Book of Eli, Denzel Washington, Bitter Balcony

Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson, Bitter Balcony

Much, much more *cough* crap *cought* inside!


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