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A little Blade in my Crow all stomped on by a Titan


In what I am hoping is good news, Stephen Norrington is back! The director of Blade and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen who “gave up on Hollywood” is back.

Naturally, the first question to come to mind is why did League suck so bad, er, why did he give up on Hollywood? Apparently, during the making of League Norrington and Sean Connery almost came to blows several times. After filming League and watching it flop like a dead fish Stephen was signed to direct a movie starring Jennifer Lopez (likely not a big loss at all) and Akira (skipping the paragraphs of how awesome this could have been). Allegedly, Connery disliked the man so much that he was flexing some of his star muscle to make Norrington’s life in the biz hell. Not cool Connery! The cool points lost here don’t move you down the cool guy list that much, though. Eventually, Norrington had it and told his agent to call off all his projects while he pursues other endeavors.

Sure he didn’t have anything that was all that great, but there was some potential in his work, a certain vision and style. With the right project and cast I think he would have shown to have some real chops as a director.

Now he is back with a remake (or reimaging) of the Crow and a possible Blade prequel.

There is no concrete evidence if his Crow movie will be a reboot or a reimagining of the Proyas/Lee original (I don’t use the link below as my only source). Norrington is a great choice for this project as he can handle both the visual style that the first one set for Crow movies and the action. Sure, we really don’t need another Crow movie, but an all-new story could be pretty entertaining. The Crow sequels fail miserably because they (barring parts of the last one) all follow just about the same story structure/progression as the original, but fail to reach its quality. Norrington probably should have chosen a better film to come back with [COUGH] Akira [COUGH], but we’ll have to see what comes of it to see for sure.

A Blade prequel or another good/bad choice, as I like to call it. Stephen Dorff has been quoted as being interested in a new trilogy based on his character Deacon Front from the first Blade film. Who knows how audiences will feel about seeing a character whose destiny they already know will be (and I think there is no comparison to Star Wars/Vader here). A trilogy, really? Why does every movie that gets a chance at a sequel can’t stay just two movies, but has to be a trilogy? Hell, why can’t there be 4 movies then? Personally, I don’t see the attraction for three movies about Frost. I’d be curious to see one if it is directed by Norrington, but that’s it. I’m sure there is not that much there we really need to see. This could shoot Norrington in the foot though as he may be cornering himself into being a director for “that” kind of film.

Finally, you are asking yourself… I know I saw a Titan stomping on both of the above in the title. Where the hell is the Titan? Gimme the Titan! I must have the Titan! Well, here you have it. Stephen Norrington was rumored as the director of Clash of the Titans. However, Louis Leterrier is directing the film as we speak. If he brings the quality he brought to the Hulk sequel to Titans we’ll all be pleased (well, most of us will). We’ll keep an eye on Titan news as it happens.

To recap: Yay Norrington, a little Boo to Connery, meh on project choices, Yay on Titans getting a good director.

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Note: The Last Minute, directed by Norrington, is on our radar to review.

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