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Bitter Balcony has felt "The Presence" and likes it!

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, The Presence  20??Tom ProvostTom ProvostMira Sorvino,Shane West,Justin Kirk,Tony Curran The Presence (20??)

Presence review

Taking a break from her workaday life so she can focus on writing, the nameless female protagonist (Mira Sorvino) in "Presence" visits her grandmother's cabin in the middle of nowhere. She slowly discovers that her desired solitude is invaded by a ghost in the house who watches her every move and a surprise visit from her boyfriend. The seemingly benign ghost discovers that there is something else in the house – and this could spell doom for them all.

It's difficult to write about “Presence” without giving away important details. The tale by Tom Provost gives a new angle to what hauntings might be like when the dead aren’t aware of their state of existence yet. So think of “Presence” in terms of a ghost story with thriller elements. And here’s a tip: when a ghost seems slightly afraid of what else might be in the house, you know there's some trouble ahead.



Machete... me in the face because I'm disappointed

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Machete 2010Robert Rodriguez,Alvaro RodriguezRobert Rodriguez,Ethan ManiquisDanny Trejo,Jessica Alba,Robert De Niro,Steven Seagal,Michelle Rodriguez,Jeff Fahey,Cheech Marin,Don Johnson,Lindsay Lohan Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Machete(2010)

Those of you who saw "Grindhouse" (in or out of the theater) may recall the mock trailer for a baaad movie that looked amazing. It featured the tagline, "This time they fucked with the wrong Mexican." Time passed and we learned that it was actually being made into a feature film and that made us excited to see it. A few years go by . . . and now “Machete” is here. Was it worth the wait?

Mexican federale, Machete Cortez (Danny Trejo), refuses to bow down to the corrupt police force that is in the pocket of NAME (Steven Seagal). Machete goes nuts trying get to the one person who’ll ‘fess up against NAME and ends up losing everything. Now he’s in the United States as a day worker and is hired by a mysterious fellow who wants him to kill a man. That man is none other than Senator NAME (Robert De Niro). He is betrayed, has to clear his name and kill those who tried to frame him.


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Pirhana's 3D - Three dimensions of cheese and gore!

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Piranha 2010Pete Goldfinger, Josh StolbergAlexandre AjaRichard Dreyfuss,Ving Rhames,Elisabeth Shue,Christopher Lloyd,Eli Roth,Jerry O'Connell,Steven R. McQueen,Jessica Szohr Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Piranha(2010)

When Jaws failed to chew Richard Dreyfuss to shreds 35 ago, the piranhas decided to finish the job - and finish him they do.

After a small earthquake opens a watery rift, a school of prehistoric piranhas come out to play. By “play,” we mean “devour the living crap out of everyone in the water. “ Naturally, their reintroduction to the modern world is timed exactly with spring break.

Bitter Balcony cares not about the gimmicky story line; we want to see some gimmicky horror to go with the gimmicky 3D (with some '80s cheese as a side dish). “Piranha” succeeds at all the above. It hearkens back to a era when horror was all about blood, guts, boobs, and young ladies screaming for their lives (thankfully we are treated to latter more than a few times).

When Eli Roth and Jerry O'Connell make an appearance, we crossed our fingers and waited for the moment they’re destroyed. Roth pays the price for ruining a great role in "Inglorious Basterds" and O'Connell pays the price for… well, being O'Connell.


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Salt – way too much salt [User Review]

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, 2010Angelina Jolie Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Salt (2010)

Salt – way too much salt

Watching the movie ‘Salt’ is like eating something that has way too much salt in it; I couldn’t even tell what was in my mouth, nothing fresh and nothing inspiring and leaves a plain nasty after taste.

Salt tells a tale that, hey spoiler here so look away, a female CIA agent is accused of being a Russian spy. And then she is on the run, trying to save her husband who was kidnapped, and after that, setting out for a personal revenge journey. See, I am decent, I do not give all the story, still keep the thrill, not that there is any thrill in the movie that worth catching up, but anyway.

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Underrated Films presents: Radio Bikini

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Radio Bikini 1988Robert StoneRobert StoneJohn Smitherman, Kilon Bauno Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Radio Bikini(1988)

Bikini Atoll is a small, lost paradise in the waters of the South Pacific. In 1946, the island would be the site of the 20th century’s most horrible arsenal on display, sadly procured by our own country. Operation Crossroads was conducted by the U.S. Navy as an experiment to study the repercussions of a nuclear attack. Bikini Atoll was used as the base for the tests, driving the aborigines from their homes while service men and women could reside there during the length of the mission. “Radio Bikini” is a documentary of the events; a compilation of stock footage intertwined with testimonials by Bikini native Kilon Bauno and Navy veteran John Smitherman.

“Radio Bikini ” is perhaps a biased account of the controversial operation, one that places the American government as a self-righteous power that toys with the lives of its soldiers. While historians could debate the consequences or justification for such tests (and the film could be accused of lacking counterpoints), we were disturbed by the surreal nature of career documentarian Robert Stone’s first feature.


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The Runaways: where rockin' tunes are played, Dakota Fanning grows up, and Kristen Stewart is still bored!

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, The Runaways 2010Floria SigismondiFloria SigismondiDakota Fanning, Kristen StewartCherie Currie (book) Bitter,Bitterometer,meter The Runaways(2010)

Before Courtney Love or even the Go-Gos, there was the late ’70s nymph quintet from L.A called The Runaways, a sexpot jailbait rock concept from music guru Kim Fowley that would lauch the careers of Joan Jett and Lita Ford. The mixture of Jett’s rock and roll arrangements and punk bravado mixed with the libido-propelled presence of the band’s 15-year-old singer Cherie Curie broke the convention that only men could relish the Dionysus perks of music stardom. While The Runaways had a brief, four-year-run, their music and gender-defining stance still puts them in high esteem with XX and XY rockers alike. With such praise and influence, this year’s “The Runaways” seemed like a passionate tribute to the band’s legacy.


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Jambalaya, Anyone? The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call-New Orleans review!

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call-New Orleans 2009William M. FinkelsteinWerner HerzogNicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val KilmerAbel Ferrara Bitter,Bitterometer,meter The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call-New Orleans(2009)

The sequel/re-imagination bug has appears to have bitten the artsy world of indie cinema with 2009’s “The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call-New Orleans,” a new take on 1992’s underappreciated “Bad Lieutenant.” The original film, directed by veteran filmmaker Abel Ferrara with a blitz performance by Harvey Keitel, was a sublime study of an authority figure’s fall into the very vices he’s swore to prevent. Ferrara’s brutally earnest tragedy hardly seems apt to spawn a sequel. In the hands of German auteur Werner Herzog, “The Bad Lieutenant” series is reborn as an eccentric dark comedy about the extremes of an officer left unchecked.


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