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I'm artist with a passion for screenplay writing, but willing to play with anything that involves creativity. Check out some of my artistic works for now @ http://www.sinthesisent.com There is currently no website available for my art, but I run another blog with random funny stuff, quotes, musings and sometimes art. See it @ http://www.realjas.com

I hate when movies suck. This is especially true when the movies have gianormous budgets because there is no reason for them not to have access to the right talent and the time to do something right.

Favorite movies: Blade Runner, The Professional, Jacob's Ladder, Romeo is Bleeding (not in any order and those are just a few)

Favorite Actor: Gary Oldman

Favorite Actress: Not sure, but it might just be Natalie Portman. Must investigate further.

Guilty pleasures: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Robocop (this one is not that guilty), classic zombie movies.

Chat with me through: These are for chat only. To contact me email: jas [at] bitterbalcony [dot] com

GMail: bitterbalcony [at] gmail [dot] com
Yahoo: bitterbalcony [at] yahoo [dot] com
MSN: bitterbalcony [at] live [dot] com

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