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Will stocks plummet for Wall Street 2?


About a month ago I refreshed my memory of Oliver Stone's Faustian tale of the Trading world, Wall Street, a true 80's benchmark. We had a young and potentially talented leading man in Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox, a young broker ready for an opportunity to be mentored by Gordon Gekko, played stylishly and devilishly by Michael Douglas. The film is very good, a morality play on white collar swindle and the blindsided blue collar industries it preyed on. You would think that based on the success of this film that it would at least ring a bell of consciousness on the way the Financial world might run their affairs, but after more than twenty years since its release, an inflicted crisis has our nation in peril it has not seen since before the New Deal.

Apparently the film's motto "Greed is good" was taken literally, a no-holds barred code that drove Oxford shirted business students like some old chap pep rally. Like another Oliver Stone work, Scarface, the villain was too likable and seductive to get the point that these men are ravishing the American Dream. Stone will try to corral the Charging Bull one more time in the upcoming sequel titled "Money Never Sleeps".

I am both compelled and doubtful about this project; Considering the economic problems we are facing, their is no better time for this movie to be released. You have a once great director looking to regain his edge as a controversial, thought-provoking Maverick he has not had since Natural Born Killers. Here is were the problem lies: His last three films have been bad(Alexander),soft(World Trade Center),and precipitated(W.). Wall Street 2 can potentially fall in any of those three categories or on all(I say precipitated first and soft second, but you really have to try to be bad to do another Alexander). Adding Shia LaBeouf as the lead worries me. He does have the promise of becoming a good actor, but is Stone going to push this kid in ways D.J Caruso and Michael Bay haven't(in Bay's case, couldn't)? I want this movie to be aggresive, and perhaps merciless, The way Stone used to be.

The film is scheduled for Spring 2010.

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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