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Robin Hood - frozen lasagne, reheated [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

Robin Hood - frozen lasagne, reheated.

Robin Hood is like a frozen pack of lasagne from the supermarket freezer section. You microwaved it but didn't get to finished. then you microwaved it again. Unless that is exactly what you want, you will not find it satisfying.

In Ridley Scott's latest epic(like) movie, Robin Hood started as a average archer man in King Richard's army. He escaped army when the King was killed during the battle, run into an ambush complex, and ended returning to Nottingham pretending to be the lord. Of course his buntch of merry men followed him all the way, turned from wasted soldiers to legendary battle heros, when Robin himself showed exordindary level of leadership, stretegical planning and ultimate passion to liberty. Without giving too much of the movie out, imagin a cookie cutter hero type from any epic movie.

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Iron Man 2 - a big big pot of chicken casserole [User Review] [User Review]

Iron Man,Bitter Balcony, review, movie revieww, movie, bitterIron Man 2 (2010)

Chicken Casserole! With onions, carrots, potatos, kumara, coli flower, capsicums, chillies, tomatos, cheese...

Iron Man 2 is like a big pot of stew. It is big, colourful, fun, and has a lot of everything in it. And honestly, tastes not too bad.

Closely following the first movie, Tony Stark returns as Iron Man, more arrogant, more proud and more playboy-ish. The Iron Man suits has multiple versions now, they are neatly hang-up and comes in different colors. I am sure everyone knows that the suit comes in a foldup version too, so he can have a little superhero experience when on the go. Unlike Superman or Spiderman, those dudes need to wear that uncomfortable elastic dresses under their day to day jackets; Iron Man is right up there with all the supermodels and hot journalists, he can't afford to have any skin rashes around crotch area.


Clash of the Titans - Lazy pizza base with fried rice topping [User Review]


Clash of Titan was a serve of pizza with fried rice topping. I was intrigued, expected, then confused, felt cheated and ripped off, and left with unsatisfied anger.

It came as a breeze of junkfood addiction at the beginning, after the all Oscar fuzz and enthusiasm. After the run-down country singers, the homeless huge black kid, a terminal father walking with know-nothing son, I thought some brain less sugar won’t hurt. Being not a big avatar fan, and seeing Alice’s total cardboard screwup, and before Iron Man really arrives to scratch the itch, we have Clash of Titan. Right? Right?

Clash of Titan promised a lot of things. It has epic story tell (Gladiator and Troy), the gods and their super powers (Xmen), Greek warriors and their tummy (300), the Titan (King Kong and Hulk) and 3D CGI (yeah, right). And you also have Sam, throughout the movie wearing no pants.


Shutter Island -- Old stinky lamb shank in Martin Scorsese's new Asian sauce. [User Review]

Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island is like slow cooked lamb shanks. Its got the interesting (to some) sauce and right texture, and spices, but unfortunately the lamb shanks itself is tough or maybe stinky off.

The setup of the movie was in 1954, yes, so conveniently there is no mobile phone, no helicopters and no surveillance cameras. A federal Marshal arrived Shutter Island with his partner to investigate the missing case of a dangerous psychiatric female patient. As his investigation progressed further his personal background and traumatic past unfolded, and he realised that this was more than just a missing patient he was confronting.

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Valentines Day [User Review]

Valentine's Day (2010)

The movie ‘Valentines Day’ is like a cheese bucket. Not a collection of cheese with variety and flavour, not with nice presentation and proper crackers and bread on the side. It is a bucket of junk full of the broken bits from the bottom of the whole packages, it is not made to be enjoyed. It is there for the sake of ‘must have cheese’ and trade for money only.

Seriously, what a surprise. When you walk into a movie called ‘Valentines Day’ which opens on Valentines Day, you know they are not making art, or experience. But there is nothing wrong with a little bit of cheese from time to time, right? It should be easy going and light hearted, and carry some retard (no, scratch that) simple messages such as ‘love concurs all’ and ‘be loyal to your spouse’, or ‘someone mean-to-be is waiting for you somewhere’. When you walk into this one you should be well prepared cos you know it would be a sure bet to have a full faceful of cheese coming down your way.


The Wolfman - Bangers & Mash night [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, 2010 Wolfman (2010)

‘The Wolfman’ is like a Bangers & Mash. So you know what will come in the plate and you mostly will get what you wanted. You have your greasy meaty part, you have your creamy potatoy part too, topped with spicy gravy of the colour and atmosphere. It is easy going too… Bangers & Mash right? Not the typical choice for the healthy eaters though.

First let me make it clear that I didn’t watch the 1940 version. And I didn’t go through the 1980 version neither. There you go. I said it. So my liking of the latest make is not open for judge by the franchise/wolfman idea lovers. For the 100 min running time the story was very nicely told, not too fast, not too slow; the acting were spot on for most of the time; there were some greasy and rather mild twists and thrills, and an ending everyone saw coming. I actually enjoy the experience, feel like watching a stage play or well known musical, but if anyone is looking for surprise factors then they might be disappointed.

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The Edge of Darkness [User Review] [User Review]

Edge of Darkness (2010)

The edge of darkness is a drink of ginger ale – it is not that mind blowing glass of wine, but not your down-pouring cup of coca cola neither.

Our Mel Gibson as a police detective was traumatised by his beloved daughter’s death and decided to take a series of revenge action to dig to the root. As the background of his daughter’s complex unfold he realized that more politics and powerful people were involved but he didn’t care. He took justice in his own hand cos he was a guy ‘ with nothing to lose and doesn’t give a sh!t”.