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Nine. Nine layer of cake for display [User Review]

Nine (2010)
Nine, Bob Marshall‘s latest musical effort, is dark, sophisticated and beautiful. It’s like that amazing multi-layered cake displayed in the glorious pastry shop window, made with skills, made with style, made to impress, and not made for sweet lovers.

After the successfully claimed ‘Chicago’, Bob Marshall started a Musical-Turned-Movie fever. It was not a real surprise neither that ‘Chicago’ was big winner; it has beautiful colours, good looking girls, crispy accurate professional level of performance both dance numbers and acting. But hey, what does this Bob or Rob guy knows about movie business anyway? If he can do it then it must not be that hard right? So suddenly we have our movie catalogues saturated with musical movies: we have producers hairspray mama mia high school musical and whole bunch of others. Mark my word, they will turn all broadway shows into movies until there is no musical left.

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It’s complicated, well, sort of [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

It's Complicated

It’s complicated is like a Chocolate Croissant. It is pleasant, deliver exactly what you’d expected (the chocolate, and well, the Croissant), and not much of surprise otherwise. Is it complicated? Well, sort of. Or not.

Jane’s charming husband left her for some young sexy 10 years ago left Jane with three kids. Obviously he was not the material for family figure, so when the new family started to overload him with some family duties he started to fall backwards, when 10 years later this side of the kids were all grown and not so much of a headache. Jane is waving in between the affair with exhubby and humble funny architect.


Julie & Julia - deliciously imbalanced [User Review]

Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia is a delicious but unbalanced movie. It is like enjoying a piece of lemon pie – the lemon cream is perfectly fresh and packed with flavor but the pastry is inevitably dull, making you just want to dive into the lemon part and forget about the stupid crust. Mind you, it is not a movie about food. So if you are looking for delicious recipes, gourmet food images, smooth food handling technics or ultimate chef legends, you are looking at a wrong movie. Julie & Julia is a delicious movie on its own, food just happened to be part of it. Oh, and not very well balanced.

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500 Days of Summer [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

500 Days of Summer

"500 days of Summer" is a beautiful piece of chocolate cake. It is simple, pack of original flavour and genuine emotions, not overly sweetened; it bring back the memory of the first time how chocolate cake was tasted; back to the basic was not often seen these days but beautifully implemented in to the story telling.

Romantic Comedy movies are like chocolate cakes. It is sweet, not very challenging, we all like to have it from time to time, and more importantly, ladies love them. OK. Some men love it too but they won’t tell you just like that.

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Yes, the CGI was great. but no, it was still not worth it. [USER REVIEW] [User Review]


I was young. I was foolish. I liked the colorful screen and pounding sound, that I forgot the truth.

I thought I could be happy. I thought that is what I want. My, oh my, I was so wrong.

Seriously, what could be wrong about 2012? It is a catastrophe, end of the world fantasy. It has all the computer effects, the flying cars, smashing trains, collapsing buildings and gaps, gaps and more gaps on the ground, earth is shaking, airplanes flying through the burning smoke, the black US president (not to mention, the last one) and Amanda Peet. What else can you possibly want? And how can I possibly be disappointed?



'Surrogates'. How do you like your fish and chips? [User Review]

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Would a fish-and-chips be your decent night out meal? Would it? Not really to most of us, unless you are one of those odd breeds, you know, cuppa tea, walk-in-fog, Marry Poppin kind. You won’t take your first date sexy animal to it; you won’t have it for a romantic anniversary night out; you won’t remember it as the meal of your life.

But what if I tell you it is THE fish-and-chips? What if the chips are house-cut, using in season Spunta or Nicola potatoes, lightly seasoned and beer battered? What if the fish is the catch of the day, house-fillet RockCod? What if herbs and spices are home-grown? How about chips decent fried, golden and lightly brown, crispy outside and creamy inside? And fish coat flaky and juice burst out when you first bite? How about a wage of organic lemon on the side?

If this is the case, would you change your mind and make it a decent night out meal? Now you are thinking…

Enough food talk. This is a movie site.


The Fall. Fantastic Ride that is. [User Review]


The Fall

I attempted to watch this movie for many times, over my dinner. But the first 2 min is so dark and emotional I felt it didn't go well with my food.

'The Fall' is by no means an everyday entertainment movie. It belongs to the 'art-house', 'drama' bunch, a movie made with edgy concepts and demanding pop-corn-free viewing with your full attention. It has slow start, slow plot flow and not so much twist and thrill for the story turns. Yes it all sound very boring and dry. But if you happen to have attention focus span for longer than 5 min, you will find that it really grabs you, keep you on the seat all the way, deeply involves your emotion and leave so much in your chest when it finish, that you have to find someone to talk about it for times.

That is why I am writing this down, I guess.