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The most bizarre PSA you will see today, starring Peter Weller of "Robocop"


Peter Weller elevated to the coolest F'ing guy of the month!

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So the kid to the left wore the most adorable Robocop Halloween costume EVAR and his father took a bunch of pictures of him. He posted the pictures and posted them (and some videos) online. It spread all over the net and eventually to the eyes and ears of Mr. Weller himself.

Peter Weller, being the badass that he is, sent the kid an autographed picture with a personal message from Robocop himself to the youth and made him the source of our envy.



Robocop rap - Warnings of Spoilers and Brilliance! [User Review]


If you haven't seen Robocop then I have to ask, "What is wrong with you!?!" Go watch it and then come back to see the short rap video version of the film below.

Special thanks to Joblo.com for finding this gem. :)