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Is Beyond the Black Rainbow staying beyond its welcome?

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Beyond the Black Rainbow  2010Panos CosmatosPanos CosmatosMichael Rogers,Scott Hylands,Marilyn Norry,Eva Allan Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010)

“Beyond the Black Rainbow” is an attempt by Panos Cosmatos to make a vibey/weird horror film in the vein of some of the horror films from the ‘80s. There are long scenes that aren’t about much more than a creeper creeping over a little girl while some cool music plays and we see them on an interesting set. The acting in it is good, aside from two clowns at the end. The vibe of the film is just were it should have been.

So it’s good, right? Well, that’s where writing this review becomes a bit of a challenge. When I saw the trailer I immediately wanted to see it, wondering how it took me two years to hear about the film. I had a fair impression of what kind of movie I was going to end up experiencing. Unfortunately though, the film ends up stretching some already long scenes to the point where they stop being interesting and they start getting boring. My experience watching this film was the interested, bored, intrigued and then seriously let down. Yup, the ending is one of those that you either laugh at or has the potential to ruin what you’ve been watching during its 110 minute runtime, which I honestly could swear was a tad over two hours.


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