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7th Annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival recap

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This past Saturday EMP in partnership with SIFF held their 7th annual sci-fi shorts festival, Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival. As they put it, "The festival brings together industry professionals in filmmaking and the genres of science fiction and fantasy to encourage and support new, creative additions to science fiction and fantasy cinema arts."

There were 20 animated and live-action short films in all. The quality of these independent short films was really great. "Time Freak", "Chorebot" and "Terminus" to name a few where examples of the extremely well crafted films showcased. We couldn't be happier to have seen these films getting exposure to a sold out theater and watching them on the big screen. Anyone who is a fan of Science Fiction and lives, or can travel to, Seattle owes it to themselves to attend next year's event. There are a few films that can already be found online like "Terminus" (below) and we are sure that there will be more over time. Keep an eye out for them!

For more information on all the shorts Click here.

Special thanks goes out to the cool people at MIFFF for bringing us along!

Festival trailer:

Shorts trailers:

"The Dungeon Master"

"Time Freak"

Actual short:


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