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Alien Trespass...ed on 90 minutes of my life!


Alien Trespass

Ever entertain the idea of what a director from the 50’s would do with today’s FX? Well wonder no further. This movie proves this is a bad idea.

The story follows an alien crash landing on Earth and some evil alien that was being transported to another planet getting out. Urp (the good alien) takes over the body of Ted Lewis and begins his hunt for the creature. He must capture it before it destroys the world. A cookie-cutter story, but it was this typical story that is supposed to be its entertaining part.

The story (written by James Swift and Steven P. Fisher) is your standard 50’s cheap sci-fi flick story. Looking at it from the point of view that it is supposed to be a 50’s story it can be called well written. It emulates that story well. The structure is solid, the ideas are antiquated as they should be, and the dialog is close enough.

It’s hard to judge the acting as it’s also supposed to emulate the old school. One has to assume that good actors would have made this camp fun and enjoyable. Eric McCormack plays Ted Lewis and Urp. He is expectedly unfunny, so that’s no big surprise. Most of the cast does a good enough job to get you not to roll your eyes. Jenni Baird (Tammy) put in a little extra effort and pulls of a better than the rest performance. Dan Lauria (Chief Dawson) does his role like a natural even though his character is not the deepest in the world. Its been a while since we’ve seen Lauria in anything and it’s too bad this is his return (at least for this author).

The direction (by R.W. Goodwin) in this one is a really mixed bag. There are too many shots that could have been shot on location, but it’s shot using bad blue screen instead. The driving scenes are an obvious choice to use rear projection or blue screen, but even then they are the thoughts of “what the hell was he thinking” come to mind. I guess that could be asked as well for casting Eric MCCormack.

All the elements tie together to in a neat package. Is it a good package? Not really. Is it an imaginative package? You bet… it isn’t. Does this reviewer feel a bit dumber for thinking a film like this would be a good idea? Well, with a cast lead by McCormack – Golly gee willikers, yes!

The greatest offense of this movie is that it’s boring.



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Alien Trespass


Directed by: R.W. Goodwin
Written by: James Swift and Steven P. Fisher
Cast: Eric McCormack, Jenni Baird, Dan Lauria

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