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AMC's 24 movie screens worth of crap!


Last Sunday my boss gave me the day off since I was going to reach overtime from the 4.25 an hour I make as a server. I wasn't told this until I got to my job, so I had spent the 6.00 for parking(I work in South Miami and their streets are paved with gold) so I felt I had to make the most of it by enjoying a unplanned visit to the mall. All the stores suck and cater to either the bff generation or people who can afford 200.00 for a pair of sunglasses. I decided that it was a few weeks since I saw a movie in the theater and was actually craving an evening at the movies. So I stand in line and take a look at the marquee, which resembles a stock market line with "sold out" and "now playing" flashing next to the show-times. And like the declining market, this summer is in need of a severe stimulus since it's been the flattest one in quite some time.

About six screens of Potter 6, who cares? His ass gets saved by either Hermione or Double-dork. Bruno? I think by now we're caught in on the joke, Sacha. Transformers 2 is America's replacement for waterboarding. The only movie that caught my interest was Away We Go, and all the showings played before noon. If I lived in New York or L.A, my amount of choices would be better since they are major cities. But I live in Miami, are we not somewhere in that argument? Why can't we get indies and foreign films that can run longer than a week, especially when you got theaters with 24 screens. I know you will say, that is commerce and they need those seats for the masses, o.k. I know that some of you might live in cities that is even harder for smaller films to play, granted. But aren't you guys just a tad frustrated that the available choices are sequels to franchises that should have died 20 years ago or poorly conceived films that are thought of as cool because crap blows up every 30 seconds? It just sucks that we have to wait for variety and potential quality toward the end of the year when these movies campaign for the Oscars which is another marketing ploy since great films should be remembered regardless of their release date.

So, out of any good choices and with a line of bff generationites text messaging each other over how great I Love You, Beth Cooper was, my old 30 year old ass sought solace and consolation in Chuck Palahniuk's Snuff, a story of a Porn Queen about to get screwed by 600 men, and I'm left wondering that's how some of you feel after watching any of these movies.

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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