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The Avatar Exhibition - as seen at the Sci-Fi Museum

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The Sci-Fi Museum used to be a place I, JAS, held dear in Seattle. It always had a myriad of artifacts curated from ages of science fiction movie history. As the years have gone it has lost its way and has become a place of two singular (OK, plural, but still) exhibits and has abandoned two great floors of great movie props.

Instead, we are offered up a “Battlestar Galactica” exhibit, which we reviewed HERE and now an “Avatar” Exhibit. Do these two exhibits make up for the public’s loss of years of curated Sci-Fi material? That’s a clear, “No.” The “Battlestar Galactica” exhibit in addition to the one floor that was left of the museum at the time of our initial review was good, but the “Avatar” exhibit that took it place of the decades of props lost is not enough. “Avatar” as a movie (reviewed HERE) was only OK. The exhibit is equally as “OK”.

There are some VR cameras that allow you to pan around virtual environments from the film. In all honesty, this is a pretty damn cool part of the exhibit. There is also a blue screen style set that allows a visitor to walk around without a costume or golf ball decorated suit yet translates your moves to a 3D model of the avatar of Jake Sully. Cool, as that is the only thing left is a couple sketches and a few sculpted heads from the film. OK sure, there is that one giant mech that sits there, but even that doesn’t make up for the lack of interesting exhibited goods.

This could speak to what the future of film and museums may hold. Beside some costumes there isn’t a whole lot to see, physically, since most of the science fiction films are mostly blue screens and CGI effects. Let us hope that the museum curators can eventually convince the museum owner(s) that they should feature all those great props from the past and only have special exhibits on films of the future.


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