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Batman: Dead End


There are times that a fan film comes along and knocks you on your ass. This is that film. It is hard to really write about this short film without ruining the surprises held within.

This film was made under the direction of Sandy Collora and premiered in 2003 at the San Diego Comic Con. It stars Clark Bartram as the Batman and Andrew Koenig as the Joker. Joker escapes into a dark alley where Batman reaches him and they square off with some choice words. Then surprise the Fit hits the Shan in one of the most creative twists this author has probably ever seen!

First, the casting is perfect. Clark Bartram is a great, gritty and realistic batman who doesn’t need a molded suit to look like a bad ass. While looking at the behind the scenes you get a few shots of him without the mask and I can say he is the first actor to look great as Batman and Bruce Wayne. Andrew Koenig is an interesting choice for Joker. I think he does a good job showing some of the resentment/cynicism of Joker, but his laugh is a little forced at times. The other actors in the show are great, but discussing them would ruin the surprise.

Sandy and Clark should be allowed to take over the franchise once Nolan and Bale bail. They seem to have a right idea of what Batman should be like. It’s unfortunate there isn’t more story in the short to show how they picture Bruce Wayne behaving in public.

Here I present Batman Dead End. Don’t read anything more about it until you have watched the film. You wouldn’t want to ruin the fun now would you?

Official site: Collora Studios

Directed by: Sandy Collora
Written by: Sandy Collora
Cast: Clark Bartram and Andrew Koenig

What did you think? Comment below. Once someone comments I’ll give a little more input with spoilers. ☺

PS. There are more goodies like this floating around, but those… are for another time.

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