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Battlestar Galactica Exhibit review - Frakkin' Awesome!

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Thanks to our friend Jai, JAS of Bitter Balcony, was treated to an afternoon of tasty food and Sci-Fi nerd fun. What was the occasion? JAS’s becoming as bitter about the aging process as he is about the bad movies developed by Hollywood today. Regardless of all that noise Sci-Fi Museum was hosting some life-sized versions of “Battlestar Galactica” ships, including costumes and props from the series. While this may not be entirely film related this series is good enough, in every way, to mention it on Bitter Balcony.

First it’s worth mentioning that the Sci-Fi Museum has gotten smaller now that it’s closed the lower level. This sucks because that level housed guns from all sorts of Sci-Fi movies and costumes from “Planet of the Apes”, “Dune”, “Star Trek”, “Farscape” and “2001”. Needless to say, there was a host of props and costumes down there that should have remained available to the public. We aren’t sure what the deal is as no one could provide an answer to our questions. Time will tell, we suppose. At one point that level housed the Alien queen head from “Aliens”, but this was before JAS relocated to the Seattle area.

As far as the “Battlestar Galactica” exhibit, it was light, but well worth the visit. There were two Vipers built in life-sized versions and a new Cylon ship guarded by a classic version of the Cylon trooper. Now that we think about it, it would have been cool to get a version of the new Cylon to look at, but beggars can’t be choosers.

The costumes and props from the classic series were there. It was a treat to get a little history lesson along with the tour of the latest version of the series. Aliens from the classic series were there as was the classic Cylon leader’s costume and some weapons. There were some Cylon situational tests, a great documentary piece where the talented Bear McCreary talked about his inspiration for the series’ soundtrack and an in-depth interview with some of the series’ writers. All cool stuff.

In the center of the exhibit there was a circle that said it could predict if we were Cylon’s or human, but nothing seemed to happen when we stepped on it. It would have been cool to be told that we were Cylons that way we could justify bringing down Hollywood on that – at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves Bitter Balcony will accomplish.

Enjoy the pics, that we managed to take without getting sent to the firing squad, below:

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