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A game to the death! [LINK]


Heroes throughout time have been put to games that have only one rule. FIght to the death! These heroes always find ways to overcome the greatest of opponents or the series/movies would be over, i mean, they would die. IO9 has posted links to heroes from film and TV that have had to face these challenges. HERE IS THE LINK I have included a few of my own, for you bitter film fans out there.

First on the list of exclusive "Fights to the Death" scene is Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome, featuring the brilliantly cast Tina Turner. :)

A trailer for the Running Man. Oh, Arnie. We miss your cheese!

There were no good Predator scenes online, so I opted to just go straight to "the man"...

Bruce Lee in Game of Death! Here is an uncut fight scene from the film.

Here is another uncut scene which shows a little more of Lee's philosophy/fight style versus a more traditional martial art style.

Got a little off topic while praising "the man" there, but you get the idea. Sometimes being the hero can be a real pain in the ass, neck, shoulder, and/or life.

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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