Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part Deux! The end at last!

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At long last it has arrived. After a decade of filmmaking and an aging cast we get the last installment to the Harry Potter series. We’ve seen the cast grow and mature much the same as the characters they play. So after ten years of waiting for an ending does it live up to our expectations? This is a mixed bag, but mostly positive.

Harry Potter and his friends reach the conclusion of their wizardly adventure, at least that we’ll see, and Potter himself must face his final challenge. A simply illustrated description of what is essentially just before and following through the ending of the final book in the series.

Direction of the film by David Yates is good enough, but we still wish someone with more of a grander vision would’ve closed out the series. It’s not that the work is bad, but more that there is such a rich world created by Rowlings that we can imagine how it could be a more creative/intriguing movie. Yates manages to do what has to be done and for the most part delivers what we were hoping for.

The screenplay’s structure is more where the troubles lie. A fitting example would be imagining that John McClane from the Die Hard films would have slowly poisoned Hans Gruber over the course of two weeks instead of a head to head battle. The horcruxes are a great idea to have the heroes kill a villain without actually killing him, but it’s also what ruins the climax. The badass villain is more in fear during the final film, since the horcruxes (parts of his soul embedded into physical objects) are found and destroyed throughout the film. We hoped he would be the mean mo’fo’ we want to see ended more. The structure of the story is stretched out and hinders the audience from getting pulled in the way that a ramp up to a faceoff should be. There are a few good twists in the story that complimented the overall arch and the movie is far from terribly written, but could have used a second draft/restructuring. The last scene, which Rowlings probably wrote to lock the series out, does nothing for the story and we felt was mostly useless having little to no value.

The cast does a great job. It really is a good thing that the series was able to keep all but one of the cast members over such a long period of time. Did you hear that Marvel? Keeping actors in their roles does matter. We’ll leave it there so as to not ruin any of the surprises for those who haven’t seen it, but add that the revelations in this film compliment performances from past films as well.

Overall, we think it’s definitely worth seeing if you’re a fan or at least watched more than half of the films. It won’t go down as a great film, but at least it entertained and gave a satisfactory, though not flawless, ending to the series.


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