Haywire brings us a new action star, but...

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Steven Soderberg has made movies from artsy explorations of characters to Science Fiction films with a romantic and heavily ambient tone to a Hollywood film about the war on drugs. These are but a few themes he’s explored. He’s never attempted to shoot a straight up action film, which is what he set out to do with “Haywire”.

“Haywire” begins with a fight a diner followed by an interesting car jacking. From there we begin to learn how Mallory (Gina Carano) got to that point and what the motivations are for the rest of the tale. Mallory, a black ops soldier, has been betrayed and plans to find out who did and why. The bodies begin to pile as she gets deeper and deeper into this tangled web of lies.

Gina Carano is a great female lead for this film. She has poise, pulls off the spy-like antics well and best of all is a believable female action star. There are no pathetic displays like Drew Barrymore flopping around on wires. No, this woman can kick your ass while barely breaking a sweat. The rest of the cast, including Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Michael Fassbender and Ewan McGregor, does a good job, but the film seems kind of light and lacking of real meat for a cast this good to dig into.

Direction and editing are good, but there are more than a handful of scenes, mostly the chase scenes, where they go on for just a bit to long. If the script would have had more meat and a thicker plot to unveil it would have been easy for Soderberg and crew to cut out the fluff and just focus on telling the tale. The trailer made her out to be some kind of killing machine. Because of this, and Carano’s physical talents, it would have been fine if the lack of plot had filled with ass kicking.

While it’s easy to pick apart various flaws the movie has I’ll also admit that it does have “something”. I don’t know if it’s just that Carano is interesting to watch on screen or that you are hoping there is more to the story than there actually is, but it does make you want to like it more. That has to be worth something, right? Yeah, a rental… not a theatrical viewing.


Haywire2012Steven SoderbergGina Carano,Bill Paxton,Michael Douglas,Antonio Banderas,Michael Fassbender,Ewan McGregor  Haywire2012Steven SoderbergGina Carano,Bill Paxton,Michael Douglas,Antonio Banderas,Michael Fassbender,Ewan McGregor 

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