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Hot Tub TIme Machine takes us back to the '80s and we realize we need a hot tub

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Much like sometimes good, sometimes bad, legendary ‘80s band reunions John Cusack’s return the famously cheesy time period could just have been cashing in. Thankfully, “Hot Tub Time Machine” entertains us and proves that Cusack’s return is a no brainer winning formula.

Fellow homies who find themselves in varying degrees of failure in life decide to go to a hotel that provided many stories from their youth to see if they can tap that magic fountain once more. The fountain turns out to be a hot tub that throws them back into their bodies in the ‘80s (but we see their older versions in the film) where they could possibly change the course of their failed lives.

The writing is funny and good enough to poke fun of all the things we love and hate from the ‘80s like the music, clothes and cassette players. They briefly touch on the funnier things like when the youngest of the characters is talking to a girl and trying to get her email or cel phone number. He asks, “How am I supposed to get in touch with you?” She turns to him and says, “You have to find me.” After she walks away the character says, “That sounds exhausting.”

“Hot Tub Time Machine” never reaches sidesplitting laughter levels, but there are a few good chuckles, which make it worth watching.

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