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Interview: Maya Sayre from "Aidan 5"!

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Maya Sayre whose projects like "Aidan 5" have been mentioned here before has been kind enough to give the Balcony some of her time and answer some questions about being an actress, working on "Aidan 5", "The Icarus II Project" and sci-fi fandom. We have also linked to some of her short films at the end of the review for your viewing pleasure.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm an actress, a wife, a mother, and a sci fi junkie. I live in Ohio with my family, and I act full time; well, as much as you can in Ohio. Most of my work is in commercials or voice overs, but I'm lucky to have appeared in numerous independent films and web projects. I am totally in love with the process of creating a character, I'm obsessed with science fiction, and I love being able to marry my two passions whenever I can.

We see that you've acted in two 48hr film projects. Can you describe that experience?
The 48 Hour Film Project is something I've done a few times, and I look forward to it all year. So far, I've only been involved as an actor, so I haven't been around for all the sleepless nights and marathon editing sessions. For me, it's just a fun day of shooting! (I'm sure the rest of my 48 HR teams wouldn't have quite the same take on it...) "AIDAN 5" actually started out as a 48 Hour Film Project, and watching that go all the way to Cannes was unreal. It was the first 48hr shoot I'd ever been on, and seeing that level of success blew my mind!

How does having such a short timeline help or hinder a project?
I think not having a lot of time is part of the fun! I've been involved in numerous productions which sit on the shelf for years because of a number of issues; a lack of resources, time, motivation, etc. But with the 48hr, everyone is in the same boat. No one has huge amounts of funding, and time seems to be one of the biggest motivators you could ask for. I think many filmmakers see it as a challenge. "What is the best product I can put out, in the least amount of time?" That being said, the timeline can really hurt a team if decisions aren't made, people aren't prepared, or if equipment fails. There are so many things that could go wrong, I'm always just excited to hear that we made it before the deadline!

What is it like out there for actresses? Are there any obstacles or opportunities that present themselves which your male counterparts don't have?
Wow! Great question!! I think there are some wonderful, challenging roles out there for women right now. I'm excited by the possibilities, and hopeful that the trend will continue. On the other side of things, we do face obstacles; age seems to be a huge issue for women in the entertainment industry. I think natural aging looks beautiful on so many women, and I really hope that our media and our society starts to value that more.

"Aidan 5" has been getting some love on Vimeo and the team has been making the convention rounds, how has the success of the web series been for you and the team?
It's been a joy watching "AIDAN 5" begin to take off, and I think the small successes we've had so far have been tremendous. It keeps us going. I think we all feel that each step forward not only validates the entire team's efforts, but we're all SO incredibly geeked that people are responding to the show!! That response is what gives us the fuel and the opportunity to keep making it. We're still working through the challenges of getting the first season finished on no budget, and getting it out to the public. This has been more difficult than we anticipated, especially with a team made solely of volunteers, but we're still working as passionately and as hard as we can. I'm personally SO excited to have the opportunity to share the series with everyone...I just can't wait!!

"Aidan 5" features detective clones. How do you feel about real cloning?
I think the fact that we even have the capability to create life in such a way is pretty remarkable. Now, where that goes in the future and the ethical dilemmas we face, is a entirely different discussion. But...as long as my own clone doesn't try to kill me one day...

Taking it a step further how do you feel about Replicant type synthetic beings (as seen in Blade Runner), if we were able to make them?
Uumm.........would they do my laundry? ; )

What are the differences between working on a web series, short film and a feature film? Is there one you prefer over the other?
From my perspective, it's a very similar process. I prepare for a character in the same way and try to approach each project with the same level of commitment, regardless of the medium. Schedules are a difference though; when I worked on "AIDAN 5" the shoot days were broken up over a number of months, whereas my shorts and features have tended toward a more condensed schedule. As far as preferring one over the other...I'll just take the work!!!

Who inspires you?
My son. He's only 7, but he's a huge inspiration to me; he makes me want to leave the world a better place. Hopefully I'll be able to do just that.

How do you prepare for a role?
Imagination is the key. I do the basics; I figure out how their past affects their present, decide what they want in each scene, etc. But really, a lot of the discoveries that I make about a character are in the rehearsal process or sometimes even on the set.

Do you have any projects (film related or not) in the works that we can look forward to?
Yes! I'm very excited that I've been cast in the first season of the web series 'The Icarus II Project" I appeared in the pilot episode, and the creator, Nutopia Kim decided she'd like to write me into the first season. It's a cool premise, very sci fi, and right up my alley.

In addition to acting work, I've also started my own blog. I'm a nerd at heart, and I'm all about sharing my passion for science fiction and geeky things with whoever wants to listen. Check it out at www.downandnerdyblog.com, and say hi!! (I'm friendly...I promise!)

If you could pick any role, replacing the original actress/actor, in any film from the beginning of cinema to to date which would you choose?
Wow. That's a really difficult question!! There are so many actresses I admire, and so many amazing roles out there! If I had to pick something...I would have loved to have been in an episode of the original Star Trek - maybe one of those awesome aliens or something. I'm not picky...just give me a scene with Spock! ; )

What would be the worst role someone could offer you, existing or not?
The worst role?

Honestly, probably something where the character is chased around naked, bloody, and screaming through the entire film. Not my cup of tea.

Thank you so much for the interview!
Thank YOU for the opportunity!!

Maya Sayre's official site and blog

If you are on twitter make sure to follow her @mayasayre.

Here are some of Maya's works!

"The Icarus II Project"

"The General Specific" site thetrailer and a scene with Maya Sayre.

"Threshold" a 48hr FIlm Project

"McPherson & Franz" a 48hr FIlm Project

Then of course there is "Aidan 5"

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Mr. or Ms. Bitter Person Jr. (not verified) on Wed, 09/29/2010 - 4:06pm

That's a great interview! I'll have to check out some of her work.

JAS on Thu, 09/30/2010 - 8:29am

Thanks! And, in regards to watching more of her stuff, this means our job here is well done. :)

John Rojas on Wed, 09/29/2010 - 6:20am

good interview with Maya.

JAS on Tue, 09/28/2010 - 7:50pm

Thanks for the interview and keep up the good work!

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