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Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy - philanthropize away you Italian fans!


Here is another rough one to review. Do I take the route I would if this was a commercial film or do I just soften up because it’s a fan film? I guess I’ll do both.

“Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy” is another Metal Gear fan film… OK, this is a fan film that tries to top the other Metal Gear fan films out there with a real narrative, special effects and a feature-film running time.

The story features Snake in another mission (other missions are in video game form) to save the world from Metal Gear (giant walking tanks). Philanthropy, Snake’s team of antiterrorists/anti-metal gears is seen like terrorists themselves because of a few inopportune shots in the news (not explained in the film, but part of the games). Basically, he has to go into some area covered with baddies, get someone, and bring them back, so they can extract intel. As far as all that goes, it is pretty close to the video games.

Casting is iffy. Giacomo Talamini (also the films writer and director) who plays Snake overacts. Actually they all overact and not in the this-is-a-game-so-let’s-have-fun way. And even though they all ham it up, it’s reasonably bearable, except for Marco Saran. This has to be the man’s first acting attempt because there’s a sense that he knew he had to act, but it’s in the “we see that you are not being the character, but acting like one” way. One good point in the film: we’ve found David Hayter’s replacement for the voice of Solid Snake whenever he finally refuses to deal with Kojima and his name is Philipp Sacramento.

The story is incomplete. Let me say that again: The story is incomplete. It is an hour and a half, which equates to the first act of a film. This is particularly annoying since fan films have a tendency to not get made. One hopes that the fans who made this film can complete what they have set out to make.

Direction and photography are pretty solid. ← I couldn’t help myself. The score and effects are also well done. It’s noteworthy that this film is very close to a first direction attempt at an actual commercial film. That’s a compliment to the team who put this respectful attempt together for an estimated 10,00 Euros.

However, this is a fan film and there are shortcomings. The pacing sucks. There are awful attempts at humor trying to imitate the already-awkward humor from the game. There are inconsistencies in Snake’s characters versus the game’s version of Snake. These are inconsistencies most fans would notice such him just not being cool and for crying out loud that’s one of the characters main features! Also awkward is the physical aspect of Talamini’s acting. Snake has a very particular way of standing and sneaking: The actor didn’t get this. Finally, there is no mullet. Not even a mini-mullet. Yes, a character can have a mullet and still be cool.

While there are things not to like about this film, there’s plenty that you have to give the movie credit for just based on the fact that it’s a fan film. If you can handle stop-and-go pacing and a lack of stealth, then you might like it. There is no real stealth like the game features. Sure they sneak, but not the way Snake sneaks.



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Metal Gear Philanthropy


Directed by: Giacomo Talamini
Written by: Giacomo Talamini
Cast: Giacomo Talamini, Patrizia Liccardi, Nicola Cecconi, Marco Saran, Giovanni Contessotto

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