OMG! I LOL'ed during "Social Network"!


OMG! So like I caught this movie called “Social Network” and it was like actually about a social network called Facebook. I mean, if you don’t know what teh Facebook is you are like so not cool and I bet you’d only have like 5 friends on it if you even knew how to open an account.

So like this movie was good, but I didn’t go all like Gaga (yeah, that’s a Lady Gaga reference losers) over it. I mean, if you want to look at the writing it was good. I LOL’ed a few scenes and was pretty entertained, but like it wasn’t any "Transformers". Know what I mean?

Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg and like he is so good at it. He’s totally like awkward and not at all what you would think for the guy who stole invented the Facebook. Justin Timberlake plays the SO douche bag Sean Parker who is like as useless a human being as EVAR! But yeah, Justin does a good job. Actually, like the whole cast does a good job - even those frat fags.

David Fincher directs like he’s like the man and shit, which is so obvious because HALLOOOOO he directed the “Fight Club” Duh! Oh and like the soundtrack by that Nine Inch Nails guy, Trent Reznor is really good except the first song that has an annoying loop that got like old like quick.

So like you should watch this movie because its so full of the story of Facebook, but it isn’t like going to be an amazing movie that will make you forget the A-MAZING “Twilight” series.

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