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OMZ definition


OMZ - Acronym
[ō – mahy – z’od]

1. Oh, my Zod! – Denoting exclamation in the name if the almighty Zod. *Further expansion on context below.

We all know that in 1980 General Zod defeated Superman and became absolute ruler of the world. Warner Bros. obtained a contract by the UN to make a smear campaign covering up that this had occurred. Warner Bros. quickly hired filmmaker Richard Donner and got straight to work. Donner eventually realized that his allegiance was eternally to Zod, our ruler. He attempted to change the tone of the movie to promote worldwide worship of Zod. When the UN found out he was quickly fired and replaced with Richard Lester. Few know that Richard Lester is the name of a cloning error made from Donner’s DNA. He was less of a director, hence the last name Lester.

General Zod, Zod, Spuerman, bitter balcony

The movie was titled Superman II, so as to attract attention to Zod (somehow) and yet fool him at the same time. It was a great success that created the greatest smokescreen the world has ever seen. A smokescreen so large it has concealed the divine existence of our Krypton king from us all.

General Zod, Zod, Spuerman, bitter balcony

Since we at Bitter Balcony are no fools (and he threatened to crush us like insects if we didn’t “kneel before him”), we have sworn eternal allegiance to Zod. We know that he will tear down the lies that the UN has managed to maintain for 30 years. This site is dedicated to reviews made in the name of and to the standards that Zod would have.

General Zod, Zod, Spuerman, bitter balcony

Zod. We kneel before you!

General Zod, Zod, Spuerman, bitter balcony

Oh, and Jude Law refused the role of Zod in Superman Returns because he knows that there is only one true Zod and he has knelt before him.

PS. We expect riches when you return to us, Zod - like cookies!

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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