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Is Rapaport's Special... special?

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Michael Rapaport plays Les Franken, a meter maid who can’t find happiness in his life, in “Special.” He enrolls in a drug study on a promising new antidepressant, but Les experiences slightly different results: he believes that he's developing super powers. Super powers such as smashing into walls (we mean walking through them) and lying on the ground (we mean flying).

Rapaport’s performances are pretty much identical from film to film, and Bitter Balcony has stopped caring. In "Special" he seems more like an overgrown kid with all the annoying mannerisms, insecurities and delusion that come with the package. The whining makes it difficult to connect to his character. Alexandra Holden plays a cute semi-love interest for Les, but her overacting ruins most of her scenes.

The screenplay takes a good idea as a foundation, but could have used a rewrite to expand on the romantic elements and on the character of Les. We can't really connect with what brought Les to want to test this drug, and it affects the film negatively. The film is overexposed and grainy, though watchable.

We suspect that in a few weeks we'll forget this movie exists.

This movie is so forgettable that we forgot to post it back in August 13th 2010. This could the the highest insult we've unintentionally committed to a movie ever. Wait... What movie were we talking about?

Special  Special  Special  Special 

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Smash on Sat, 01/29/2011 - 3:25pm

I can't stand this clown. Didn't he have a sitcom for a while too where he played the idiot, emasculated dad? Nice to see he's making more, boring crap. Maybe he, Adam Sandler and Will Farrell can get together and do a movie.

JAS on Sun, 01/30/2011 - 11:29am

Dear Smash,

Never again suggest that these three make a movie. Bitter Balcony would be forced to review it and it could just mean the end of us. That's a universe imploding formula if I ever heard one.


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