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Revolutionary Road (2008)


I don’t know what road they are talking about, but there is nothing revolutionary about it.

Here we have a story that takes place in the 1950s, which is a cool setting for any movie, but aside from the sweet sweet cars, there is nothing here to write home about.

The story as I see it, is about a couple who thought hey were hot shit when they were younger, got married, had some kids that someone else must be taking care of because you never see them, and started living “normal” lives. Frank Wheeler and April Wheeler (Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet, respectively) are this couple. Frank is usually unhappy because April has constant titty attacks. Even though Frank is played off as more of the victim he’s as much of an ass as she is.

The story shows us how people try to be happy even though they are genetically incapable of it. Wait, that makes them seem like victims. They aren’t victims. They should get some prescription drugs and chill the hell out because they are both incapable of helping themselves due to heightened levels of incompetence. I know I sound harsh on these characters, but never in the film did I connect with them and/or care about the self inflicted BS that they put themselves through.

The supposed twists that happen in the story are painfully obvious and only prove their self-antagonizing even more so than was already evident. The trajectory these characters are on never sways or surprises. They hop from pretending to be happy to being miserable just as we expect. This makes for a frustrating watch as we can see how clearly they are miserable for no reason. There is nothing that you can clearly blame April’s unhappiness on yet she is never happy. Ever. There are several times where you think OMZ woman! Chill out! One thing about her though is when she is passionate even though everything is played off cleanly Winslet is capable of upping the sensuality – probably higher than necessary. You go (miserable) girl!

Direction (Sam Mendes – Dude, what happened!?!) is uninspired as is the writing (Justing Haythe – screenplay, Richard Yates – novel). The few attempts at wit that there are (at least I think they were supposed to be witty) were extremely poorly timed. The soundtrack is painful. There are two recurring riffs. One of these lovely riffs is meant to build up, but can play for ten to fifteen minutes. I must be kidding, right? Nay! For some reason it seemed like a good idea to build up to an expected scene for a sixths of the movie. No, that’s not irritating at all. Not at all – only it makes me want to bash my face in with this failure’s DVD case.

The performances of our two Titanic co-stars are just as uninspired as the rest of the movie. Dicaprio does the same exact thing he’s called acting since he finished What’s eating Gilbert Grape, which was the last time he actually tried (and in that case succeeded) acting. Winslet thought that the only way to play this drama queen was to over act and even though she tries to do it with style she only proves that even great (partial exaggeration to make a point) actresses can fail. Kathy Bates does the same crap as usual, but I don’t expect much from her anymore. It’s sad to see talent choose to waste their careers and this isn’t even a “paycheck movie”.

All in all this movie bores and makes you feel like your life is dripping away uselessly just like the characters in the movie love to bitch about. Hey, look at that. Maybe I did connect with Frank and April.

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Justing Haythe, Kate Winslet, Leonadro DiCaprio, review, Revolutionary Road, Sam Mendes, bitter balcony Justing Haythe, Kate Winslet, Leonadro DiCaprio, review, Revolutionary Road, Sam Mendes, bitter balcony Justing Haythe, Kate Winslet, Leonadro DiCaprio, review, Revolutionary Road, Sam Mendes, bitter balcony Justing Haythe, Kate Winslet, Leonadro DiCaprio, review, Revolutionary Road, Sam Mendes, bitter balcony Justing Haythe, Kate Winslet, Leonadro DiCaprio, review, Revolutionary Road, Sam Mendes, bitter balcony


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Mr. or Ms. Bitter Person Jr. on Thu, 07/16/2009 - 2:45pm

If you could not understand what they were going through then you neeed a doctor. First point.
Second point, the acting in this movie is great. Sorry, acting says so.
Third point. Mendes direction is in face inspired and did very extraordinary things with the actors. Things that....guess what? Are revolutionary!
Fourth point. Dicaprio gives amazing performances since he got in the business. You don't believe me? Ask scorsese, Mendes, Scott, Streep, Penn, Day Lewis, Nicholson, Keaton, Hoffman, Deniro(who casted him twice) and many many many many more that disagree with you. If i had to choose between you, an unknown guy who writes shitty reviews in the internet or thousands of actors and directors, i choose the second.

I am not pissed off that you didn't like the movie. I'm pissed off cause you don't really present any valid point. It;'s full of lies.

JAS on Thu, 07/16/2009 - 3:20pm

I can't agree with you on most of your arguments (not going into detail), but I can say -

1. There will be an alternate review posted by our Editor John Rojas that completely disagrees with me to contrast, not replace, this one. So that people can see where both points of view on this film differ.

2. I really can't agree on DiCaprio, I don't care who says he is good. The man has talent, but he has "just shown up" on sets since Grape was released. He's gone flat. Despite this I have liked some of his movies, but it's definitely not because of him.

3. If I had to choose between me and those directors I would choose the directors, too! Because most of the ones you mentioned are great (or at least were at some point) and I am just another guy who loves movies, but is pissed that the industry keeps making crap.

Thanks for reading and commenting! We are always willing to discuss points of view as we're passionate, but not unreasonable. That, and it's part of the fun of film - debating them.

Cinebelle on Thu, 07/16/2009 - 8:30am

I really wanted to like this movies, esp w/ Winslet and her mega talented hubby directing. But this uber heavy, seriously unhappy for almost no reason script weighed everything down for me.

And sadly, the great chemistry Kate & Leo had in Titanic went down with the ship. Here they seem like they're working against separate blue screens, to be filled in with spousal unit later.

My advice to Leo: He needs to start doing interesting cameos in Chris Nolan or even Tarantino movies to build up his acting chops.

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