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Rorschach watches the Watchmen Director's Cut


Rorschach’s journal: 7/22/09

Just finished watching the Director’s Cut of Watchmen. Left with a strange taste in mouth.

Given more information just as I’d expected, but not sure if it was all good… or welcome.

Changes to closer match the comic have resulted in a slight fix in pacing, but destroying one of the indestructible man’s greatest lines.

Someone returns more often than before, but information is trivial. No resolutions given for the extra plot.

Some cameos extended. Mostly with mediocre talent. Feeling depressed.

On positive note watching the movie a second time opens your eyes to little details which were always present (with some extra), but never noticed.

Left wondering if there is a theatrical cut included in disc.

The night is late and calls to embrace me in her bosom. Will have to check what others thought tomorrow. Curious to see what the masses feel about it.

Tomorrow, I check for the alternate cut. Might want to rewatch that one more often than the new cut.

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PS. Box says I can watch the movie with Zack Snyder. He has yet to show. I fear false advertising. Must track down the Commi that wrote this.

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