Skyline - Crap is on the horizon!

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Skyline 2010Colin Strause,Greg StrauseEric Balfour,Scottie Thompson, David Zayas Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Skyline(2010)

I’ve started writing this review three times. Each one of those three times I have been stumped as to how to go about it. It’s not that I debate whether the movie is good or bad. It is clearly a bad film, but how to describe why it sucks in an entertaining manner.

First the movie follows a cast of characters from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Clueless”, so they were already clutching at straws when they were casting this film. Do they do a horrible job? No. Do they do a good job? No. They show up, read their lines, try to look interested in the project then cash their checks on the way home. This is almost an acceptable response from any actors who read the script for this movie. It was clearly going to be forgotten before it even past its opening night.

The story spends most of its time centered on characters that are never developed and watch an alien invasion through their window and/or their TV. Who is shooting this footage? Who knows? There is a telescope in the room, so lets just assume its hooked up to the TV and ignore that part. The only good thing that happens in the story happens in the last minute of the film. Had this happened as the beginning of the third act, or even as the catalyst for the story, it would have made for a much more interesting and expensive film.

Even more upsetting is that we never get a clear indication of why the aliens are here except eluding that they need our brains as some sort of battery. Would it hurt to write characters we can care about and motivations for the aliens that are more fleshed out? How did these aliens get the brains they start out having at the beginning of the movie? Have they been here before? If they haven’t then how do they know this brain battery technology?

The effects are a mixed bag. Sometimes you get some realistic looking virus looking thing on people and others you get alien monsters that are clearly animated CGI models. The spaceship is cool enough and the way it eventually teases at its demise is interesting, but by the time any of the mildly interesting things happen the audience is watching the clock or praying for an early death.

The movie is not memorable, not well made and should be avoided at all costs (one which could be your sanity).

Skyline2010Colin Strause,Greg StrauseEric Balfour,Scottie Thompson, David Zayas  Skyline2010Colin Strause,Greg StrauseEric Balfour,Scottie Thompson, David Zayas 

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