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South Florida's Creep Cinema Art Exhibit will Scare the Shit Out of You!!! (not really, but it's cool)

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Creep Cinema is a horrifyingly sweet art exhibition with exclusive pieces from South Florida artists. The theme (duh) is based on dreadfully beloved horror films and monsters, ranging from classics like the Invisible Man to modern creeps like the devilish Pennywise. We will get a couple of interviews with some of the participants during the next posts, but for now enjoy the pictures we took from the Opening Night gala at Bear and Bird Boutique inside Tate’s Comics. For more photos, check out our facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bitterbalcony.

Creep Cinema Exhibit
located at Bear and Bird Boutique/Tate's Comics
from October 1 until November 12. 2011

4566 North University Drive
Lauderhill, FL

Official website:
Creep Cinema

Creep Cinema  Creep Cinema  Creep Cinema  Creep Cinema  Creep Cinema 

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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