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Stitch Wars Strikes Back!!! (in Florida, no less)

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Bitter Balcony was pleased to visit a Galaxy Far, Far Away (actually a drive to the heart of Broward County, Florida, so no hyper-drive need be). We're glad to report on the awesome “Stitch Wars Strikes Back” exhibit in the Bear and Bird Gallery located on the second floor of Florida’s legendary Comic Book Shop Tate’s. We were there two years ago for the first installment and really enjoyed the originality and fondness the mostly embroidered art based on our favorite characters from the Interstellar series. A small yet substantial collection is on display until September 25th.

For our three loyal Floridian readers, we highly recommend to take a moment from your devotion to the Bitter and visit Tate’s, now. As for our West Coast fans, while we would like you all to mount your tauntauns and get on down here, perhaps a 3,000 mile journey is a lot to ask for. So, we post a few of the pieces on display, and hopefully this quirky bit of Star Wars memorabilia reaches your side of the universe. For now, enjoy the pics, and remember the great words of Jedi Master Yoda: “Stitch or stitch not, there is no try” or something like that!

P.S: for those who haven’t gone to Tate’s Comics, please stay after “Stitch Wars” and check out this place. Tate’s is more of a fanboy utopia than a simple comic book shop. A real treasure of an establishment, your geek heart will fall in love with the nostalgia of this awesome spot.

Tate's Comics/Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery
4566 North University Drive
Lauderhill, Fl
phone: 954-748-0181

Go to www.stitchwars.com for more Star Wars fun!

Official website:
Stitch Wars Exhibit

Stitch Wars Exhibit   Stitch Wars Exhibit   Stitch Wars Exhibit   Stitch Wars Exhibit   Stitch Wars Exhibit  

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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