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Underrated Cinema Presents: Castaway on the Moon


US title: Castaway on the Moon (2009)
Korean title: Kimssi pyoryugi (2009)

"Castaway on the Moon" begins with a man on the phone who finds out just how hopelessly in debt he is – and he leaps to his fate. But instead of the usual death-by-jumping, the man who leaped is now a castaway on a small island in the center of a large city.

The premise sounds absurd, but it is handled in such a way that you actually accept that Min-hee Hong** is stuck on this island. He tries swimming away. He tries getting attention. He calls for help. But slowly, he warms up to the idea of living away from civilization and goes all Tom Hanks, making a life for himself on the tiny island. A recluse, Kim Seong-geun**, sees the man on the island and begins communicating with him through messages in bottles, chucked over the bridge – a task which takes some effort as she is intent on living her digital lifestyle without ever leaving her room. Both characters start to evolve past their own issues through strange and distant interactions.

Min-heui Hong (who plays Min-hee Hong – didn’t see that one coming, huh?) is easy to relate to, equally funny and sad. Jae-yeong Jeong (as Kim Seong-guen, the female lead) does a great job as a girl who loves her online life, but can't get herself to venture out into the real world until she is intrigued by Min-hee’s situation.

The direction and the script (both by Hae-jun Lee) make what could have been a ridiculous premise leap off the screen and into a little category we rarely write about. What is that category you ask? It’s called a… brace yourself… “good movie.” GASP! There, we said it and there are no take-backsees! The characters are going through exaggerated issues that every person experiences at some point or another in life. The structure of the story never lets "Castaway on the Moon" get boring, too serious, or too comedic.

All these basic elements add to a well-balanced movie that almost anyone can watch and enjoy for the journey of the characters involved.

**Since there are no writers/editors for BB that speak Korean there was some guesswork on who was the main leads. If the wrong actor name was written in please let us know. Thanks!




Directed by: Hae-jun Lee
Written by: Hae-jun Lee
Cast: Min-heui Hong, So-yeun Jang, Jae-yeong Jeong

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