Wall Street: We had to go back 24 years to find a good Charlie Sheen movie, that's how much we care!

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Charlie Sheen is one of the lucky men in the world to have the blood lineage of a mythological deity, but even rarer than Sheen’s potent DNA is finding a movie with him that’s actually GOOD. Yes, Sheen can bring orgasmic bliss to hookers on cocaine binges before storing them in the closets of hotel rooms, but when it comes to the quality of his work, he might as well have gerbil blood. Fortunately for Sheen, the handsome, cocky punk with a slick mouth that he is became the muse for director Oliver Stone during his glory days, before acid flashbacks and voices in his head yelling “Charlie” got the best of the renegade director. 1987’s “Wall Street” is a great American film about the intricacies of the Stock Trade, as well as a classic morality tale about the limits of excessiveness.

Taking place in 1985, young broker Bud Fox (Sheen) is living on the skin of his teeth with cold calls for a middle of the run firm. Fox, a hungry and ambitious novice, pursues the interests of Super Corporate raider Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). Insistent, the young broker ends up earning Gekko’s attention, mostly due to Fox’s reference to his connection to Bluestar Airlines, a struggling company that employs Fox’s father Carl (Sheen’s real father Martin Sheen). By associating with Gekko, Fox is exposed to the perks of luxury and power, a taste of the slick raider’s life the highly impressionable Fox yearns for.

But, like the cutthroat business of the Bull Market, Fox’s goals come at a high price. He begins to do Gekko’s dirty work, stealing information from companies in order to give Gekko a heads up on his dealings. As Bud Fox’s soul is on the edge of being lost, he meets Darien (Daryl Hannah), a stunning beauty whose own ambition matches his own. Just when Fox seems to have it all, Gekko gains interest in acquiring Bluestar, a decision that is raised with huge skepticism by Carl. When Fox finally becomes aware of Gekko’s true motives, he runs a plan that could save his father’s company, but at the cost of losing everything.

“Wall Street” is one of memorable films of the 80’s, a testament of the “yuppie” generation that brought out the uglier aspects of Capitalism. The phrase “Greed is Good” is one the great lines ever delivered by an actor, and the speech in which the over-gelled Mepshisto Gekko utters those words won Michael Douglas a best actor Oscar. The film captured the consciousness of how low those that handle our wealth are willing to go for the extra buck. However, in Bud Fox, Stone found a fresh face to shows us that even when we fall, the possibility to do the right thing is always in our hands. Charlie Sheen’s youth and naivety brought that character to life, and it is one of his better roles. However, in true Tiger Blood fashion, he follows this up by getting shot in by a guy taking a shit in “Young Guns.” Gotta love the Ma-Sheen!


Wall Street1987Stanley Weiser,Oliver StoneOliver StoneMichael Douglas,Charlie Sheen  Wall Street1987Stanley Weiser,Oliver StoneOliver StoneMichael Douglas,Charlie Sheen  Wall Street1987Stanley Weiser,Oliver StoneOliver StoneMichael Douglas,Charlie Sheen 

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