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Melancholic Fantastic (as seen as MIFFF)

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Melancholic Fantastic 2011A.D. CalvoA.D. CalvoAmy Crowdis,Robin Taylor,John Caras,Geneva Carr,David Pirrie,Shirley Knight Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Melancholic Fantastic(2011)

"Melancholic Fantastic" features a young girl, Melanie Crow, who has lost both her father and her mother and finds herself with only one friend. That friend is a creepy cracked face doll whom speaks to her. That is until one day at a library super goth boy, Dukken, starts to chat her up. As the doll begins to disapprove of Melanie's new friend things begins to slowly unravel. What will become of Melanie and her friend and her… other friend? The answer to that will be alluded to in the next few paragraphs.

The direction is solid, especially considering this is a low budget film and one could easily assume what kind of compromises had to be made. However, the director/writer, A.D. Calvo could have asked more of himself as a writer/director and asked for a tad more character development. After all, without the main character having a journey, do we have a story at all?


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Boy Wonder (as seen at MIFFF)

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Boy Wonder 2010Michael MorrisseyMichael MorrisseyCaleb Steinmeyer,James Russo,Zulay Henao,Bill Sage,Tracy Middendorf,John Sharian,Roberta Wallach,Nichole Patrick,Jim Devoti,Daniel Stewart Sherman,Alex Manette Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Boy Wonder(2010)

"Boy Wonder" was a bit of a surprise for me when it played at MIFFF this year. I had been told it was good, but sometimes with independent films good means "Good, if you forgive the low budget, not-so-great performances and [insert one or two of a dozen other reasons here]. Thankfully, "Boy Wonder" suffers from none of these.

The storyline for this film is of a young man who suffered the loss of his mother at the hands of street thugs and decides to pull a poor man's Batman/Daredevil and make other street thugs, drug dealers and pimps pay the price for it. He has no gadgets, no utility belt or mansion. He's just a sharp young man with a burning desire to avenge the death of his mother and save anyone/everyone from what could be a similar fate to his own.

First off, the casting is about as good as you can cast an independent film. Everyone except two bit part actors, that don't really matter anyway, give performances that are very well handled. Every cast member embraces his or her character with an honesty that's refreshing.



The Selling has us sold (as seen at MIFFF)

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, The Selling 2011Gabriel DianiEmily LouGabriel Diani,Janet Varney,Jonathan Klein,Etta Devine,Nancy Lenehan,Barry Bostwick Bitter,Bitterometer,meter The Selling(2011)

This year MIFFF made it a habit to replay the trailers for their upcoming features before every block. The first time I saw the trailer for "The Selling" I thought it was going to be a fun campy movie until I saw the end of the trailer that gave me pause and made me think this film might actually know what angles to play to be a good comedy. The next half-dozen times I saw the trailer I found the ending made me laugh just the same as the first time, so once again I thought it might be better than just a campy romp. Sure enough it did and it was. Needless to say "The Selling" sold us right from the start of the film and satisfied through to the closing. Thankfully, there is no mortgage left and we can share the joys of ownership of these memories.



Absentia (as seen at MIFFF)

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Absentia 2011Mike FlanaganMike FlanaganKatie Parker,Courtney Bell Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Absentia(2011)

"Absentia" is a hard film to review. I shouldn't reveal too much since the surprises and twists are the best part, but it's also my job (OK, not really, but I want it to be) to get you to go see a film if it's good and this one is a gem. I was able to see it on the big screen thanks to MIFFF and I'm glad I did. Continue reading for the best I could offer as a spoiler free/tantalizing review.

The story is of a woman whose us and disappeared suddenly and has been gone without a trace for seven years. It also involves her sister who returns to help while they file a "Death in Absentia" certificate and get life back on track. Once the paperwork is filed the sisters begin to experience odd supernatural things and this ghost story begins to take shape. To tell you anymore about the film would mean filling this review to the brim with all the great twists and turns the film takes. I firmly believe that having not known them when I walked in to see this film was one of the reasons I enjoyed it as much as I did.



Katie Parker in Absentia (as seen at MIFFF)

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review,    

You came back to help.

You witnessed something quite strange.

You made an offer.

This may sound a tad cryptic, but it's worth watching the movie to find out what it means. The review for this movie should be up this week.


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Scarlett Johansson's nude photos leaked!

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review,    

As you’ve all probably read by now someone hacked Scarlett Johansson’s cell phone and published some pictures of her in the nude. Scarlett Johansson has threatened to sue anyone who publishes the pictures. We here at Bitter Balcony laugh in the face of lawsuits. For proof of our laughter click on the link and check out the glorious pictures held within.



Can Bitter Balcony decipher Source Code?

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Source Code 2011Ben RipleyDuncan JonesJake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Source Code(2011)

In one of the pleasant surprises of 2011, Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie), after gathering praise for his space oddity “Moon,” pivots one of the sleeker Sci-Fi films in recent memory with the mind-bending “Source Code.” In this sinuous tale, Air Force pilot Colter Stevens(Jake Gyllenhaal) must succeed in an urgent mission to unmask a terrorist, whose bomb claimed many innocent lives during a train ride, among them the breathtakingly sweet Christina (Michelle Monaghan). Colter must unravel the culprit in hopes to prevent a potential massive attack on the Greater Chicago area.

In order to return to the scene of the atrocity, Colter has been subjected to Source Code, a memory simulation system that has him incarnating the image of Christina’s new boyfriend. Due to the program’s parameters, Colter only has eight minutes of the late man’s recollections every time he tries to expose the truth inside the complex device.

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